'I am the parent who stayed' by Nina Farr

'I am the parent who stayed' by Nina Farr


c7bd22f647d1b45ad90f006eed27a1e5.jpgI am the Parent who Stayed draws from Nina's experience working with parents who are raising their families alone - particularly with parents who have experienced trauma, loss, grief, conflict and abuse.

Amongst other things the book explains how lone parents can:

  • Create a family support network
  • Overcome feelings of isolation
  • Gain confidence and self-belief
  • Become the leader of their family
  • Cope with their own and their children's grief for the family that was

Review by Laura Hughes

This was a difficult book to read - not because it was poorly written but because of the emotionally driven content.  That said, I couldn't put it down.  It was a real eye opener detailing the struggles of lone parents after in many cases leaving abusive (mentally and physical) relationships with the children. The book itself is aimed at women but it would be equally beneficial to men too - here is why.

It gives hints, tips and advice on how to cope in the early days of becoming a lone parent.  I felt in the first few chapters I was being €˜sold to' in terms of courses and support groups but, as the chapters went on I realised how important having a support network around you is in moving on with life. 

Useful practical steps to help you change your thought pattern to rediscover your personal values - to show you there is a life after a relationship breakdown.

The success stories of the women the author has helped were da84fb94e92b29619ea5ec0b39c5a49a.jpgfascinating giving a brief insight into their suffering and how they have turned things around.

A book of courage, hoping to get to your happy ever after.

You can read Nina Farr's guide to getting started as you mean to go on, with a vision for your bright future as a family HERE

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