How to Train your Dragon Ride on Quad Bike

How to Train your Dragon Ride on Quad Bike

52fc64609377452b92d86c925ff83147.jpgROLLPLAY, the manufacturer of e-vehicles for children, has announced the launch of the all new Dragon Mini Quad – a new ride-on that will support the theatrical release of ‘How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.’ The e-vehicle is an exciting new addition to their portfolio for pre-schoolers. 

Available from April 2019, the Dragon Mini Quad takes the shape of ‘Toothless’ the dragon and is an exciting four wheeled rugged ride for ages 2 years and upwards. The 6V quad is easy to control with just one button for forward movement and the cool design has light- up dragon’s eyes as headlights and dragon sound effects to add to the fun! 


My 5 year old son, Max, has had the pleasure of exploring and discovering with the new ‘How to Train your Dragon Ride on Quad Bike’. The product is designed for children aged 2-5 and up to 20kg. My son is at the top end of this margin but the Quad coped relatively well.

On arrival the battery required charging, as expected and the product was very easy to put together. It required the wheels placing on and the electrics connecting and was straight forward enough to follow the instructions.

Our garden is predominately lawn and we soon realised it would need a good mow in order to give the quad the best chance! 

The quad has buttons on the handles bars, one to make noises and the other to make the quad move. This took my son very little time to work out and off he d84002ce988b9a2b014bd721ed4f0f3b.jpgwent! I would say that a child of 2 could find it a little difficult to master holding the buttons down for a prolonged period but I’m sure the skill would soon develop. However, for a child of 5 it could perhaps benefit from a button to put the vehicle in reverse to extend their play and learning.

The quad worked well over grass but works better over a smooth concrete based surface, it’s also relatively lightweight so it could be taken out and about providing you had space to fit it in a car if needed.

The quad managed travelling on a slight incline too which was great on our family walk!

The detachable tail on the rear of the quad comes off quite easily so perhaps caution not to lose this item would be good.

Overall the product was great fun and my son loves it! I would imagine he will be very excited to share it with his friends when they come to play and enjoys chasing Daddy when he’s mowing the grass. Lots of fun to be had with this one and I would imagine great longevity in the product if brought for a younger child.

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