Hape Train and Track Review

Hape Train and Track Review

7bd579e7bd0e1e6a4539691d3a014ead.jpgCrank-Powered Train-Turn the crank on top of this clever little engine to generate and store enough power to drive it down the track. Select forward, reverse or stop using the button on top.

We absolutely love the Hape Hand Crank Powered Train. The best thing about this is that is doesn’t need any batteries and we can always ensure it is working. So far we have found that the crank quickly repowers the train although we have noticed that when we wind it up now it doesn’t last for as long as it previously did.  

Instantly, it has become a favourite toy for my 20-month old and he hunts through his box of vehicles to find it.

The button on the top is a suitable size for little fingers and makes the engine drive forward and also turns on the light. My child worked out almost straight away how to turn the train on and off and enjoys doing this independently. The light also means this is great for the winter months as during the dark evenings we can turn the lights off and my son can watch it going round on the track.

As well as being compatible with Hape products this train works on other wooden railway tracks which is an added bonus. When attached to other vehicles it struggles to get up the small bridges on our train set but a gentle nudge helps it along however this could be draw back for slightly 1901b2d064ef41cb846aeb848e47981e.jpgolder children. I would happily recommend this toy to friends with children of a similar age and older.

Propeller Engine-Is it a plane or a train? This fun propeller engine combines elements of both types of transport for a novel play experience. Powered by two AAA batteries, the engine's propeller spins when either forward or reverse gears are chosen.

This is probably my son’s all-time favourite train, he absolutely loves it and this is mainly due to the fantastic sound effects. Every morning he wants to play with this first and he gets so excited watching it going round his train track he particularly likes the way the propeller moves. As parents, we also really like this train from Hape and have found it quite fast in comparison to some other battery operated trains that we have. A real bonus is that it is compatible with different wooden train sets and my son enjoys moving between the different tracks we have set up. It moves easily along the tracks and the buttons on the top are good for little fingers. We have found that it gets stuck on some of the bridges on our train set but a gentle helping hand is all it needs however it is best on a flat track. The magnet on the back attaches well to other vehicles and pulls them along easily.

The train can go forward and in reverse and different sounds can be heard depending on the direction 1aa37c0b2e679ec22098f542bfe6a549.jpgit is travelling. Equally, sometimes my little boy enjoys just playing with the train without turning it on!

I would highly recommend this product to friends with children who love vehicles; it is a really unique product which looks and sounds fantastic and is great for train lovers!

Race Track Station-Add a new dimension of fun to your rail play with this racecar track and station. Transport your cars to the track – and get racing!

Assemble the layout as shown on the box. Connect to an existing wooden rail set or great for independent play.

Includes detailed station building, two race cars, a two-carriage train, two figurines, eight curved road tracks, five straight road tracks, three maintenance tools, two flags, a stairway, and five rail tracks.

Figurines include a train driver and a motor mechanic.

Compatible with Hape and other leading wooden railways.

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