Hape Stay Put and Rattle Set Product Review

Hape Stay Put and Rattle Set Product Review

2c3c6ff34c8f5afbc437c1d23ffb7dd2.jpgProduct Information:

Shake up your playtime with the Hape Stay-Put Rattle Set. Little ones will love shaking these brightly coloured wooden rattles to explore sounds, animals and more.

Suitable even for newborns, each rattle features a cute aquatic character with its own fun sound. The friendly-faced turtle, octopus and whale encourage little ones to grasp and hold, helping to develop your baby’s fine motor skills as they play.

Baby will love shaking these rattles and discovering which noise each one makes. Easy and fun to use, the Hape Stay-Put Rattle Set is the perfect toy for igniting a child’s curiosity in sound. These cute wooden toys feature natural textures and bright colours designed to stimulate your little one’s senses. A suction cup base makes each colourful toy just right for on the go play.

The Hape Stay-Put Rattle Set features 3 rattles, each with a suction cup that can be attached to smooth surfaces. With Hape Toys, you can trust that all materials are non-toxic, child safe, and of theighest quality.


As we have a range of Hape toys in the past, I jumped at the chance to try out a set of Hape Stay-Put Rattle set. First impressions were slightly disappointing, in that with Hape promoting itself as an ethical forward thinking company there seemed to be an excessive amount of plastic around the small set.

As the set is billed as suitable for 0+ age range I did have my doubts about whether my 15-month ec70f4f33fc8dfef9cecfb1430734920.jpgold baby would be interested in them, however I needn’t have worried as she loved them!

There are three rattles each making a different noise that come with suction pads, presumably to use with a highchair. We have no highchair at home so I was unsure whether the suction pads would stick to our unusual dining table (1960s made from compressed cardboard). However, surprisingly they stuck on tight and the baby enjoyed bashing the animals and making her melodies. As she is that bit older she did figure out how to break the suction and lift them up but that was not a problem, they make a louder noise if you wave them around in your hands and throw them against things :?

The size of the rattles make them very convenient to pop them in your changing bag and take them out and about with you – very handy to keep the little ones entertained whilst in the pushchair or whilst out having a meal (the rattles are not obnoxiously loud that they would disturb other diners).

My daughter very much enjoys making her music with this set and I would recommend this product to anyone with children 2 years and under. I would like to see the packaging reconsidered in this day and age but other than that, Hape have delivered once again.

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