Geomag Magicube Review

Geomag Magicube Review

3585f56e5143e82a6af1dec0102c4399.jpgProduct Information:

Magicube is a cutting edge construction system that turns the concept traditional building blocks into something extra “magical”. Developed for different age groups: 1 1/2+ and 3+ the Magicube collection offers complete versatility and flexibility for all age groups. Providing a supply of fun activities that reinforce those basic skills and a hands on approach to learning.

Geomag’s Free Building Magicube, allows children to explore the freedom of creativity without boundaries, available in sets of 8, 16, 27 and 64 the brightly coloured cubes allow children to build to their heart’s content as the magnetic cubes attach to each other on every side. This simple, fun and creative play activity encourages even the youngest of kids to develop their dexterity.

As part of the prestigious “Editors' Choice Awards" presented by the British Toy and Hobby Association at this year’s London Toy Fair. From the extensive number of 260 exhibiting companies, Geomagworld’s new initiative, the Green Collection, was among the most voted by journalists present, coming runner-up in the ranking. Alongside the launch of the collection a number of new Maths and Word sets will be available which allow children to observe, create and solve with the basics of STEM learning. Not to mention the new Mix & Match sets depicting animals alongside their favourite foods and home which allows children to make fun combinations and bring these animal creations to life.

Yet another step forward for our revolutionary magnetic construction system Magicube: building blocks made from 9876e58870d48781835ba847029121d0.jpg100% recycled plastic.

Powerful magnets and our unique “click”, quality materials, strong constructions, great colours: 100% Geomag!
Even our transparent packaging is 80% regenerated PET.


My son was very excited t explore these blocks. Like most 4 year old boys he can be difficult to focus but he really enjoyed playing with these and spent a long time finding out what they could do. He calls them his magic blocks and has been trying to make bridges and towers. The blocks themselves are well made and colourful. They are very satisfying to build with and their magnetism is strong enough to make complicated structures. 

The colours lend themselves to matching games, sorting and pattern creations. These would support both 'mathematical development' and 'the world' areas of the EYFS curriculum.  They also promote fine motor skill development as you need control to manipulate the blocks to get them into the position you want. 

There is also scope to bring in imaginative play as we have brought in small world figures and cars as my son has built houses and bridges to build a city. 

My 6 year old daughter has also really enjoyed playing with these and unusually both my children played together for a long time with a minimum of quarrels so it's a thumbs up from me!

They are really fun!

The Howting Family

The Howting Family

Isabella and Ben are the cutest half of our family - aged 5 and 3 they keep Mummy and Daddy on our toes! As a family we love getting creative, making a mess (Ben), dressing up (Isabella) and family days out.

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