Cube Puzzler Pro Review

Cube Puzzler Pro Review

751ca1323c236937680ba3a725a2620f.jpgProduct Information:

An eye-catching 2D puzzle game that will test your skills as you complete the cube.

Includes 80 multi-level challenges and a portable case that expands to create the game board.

This visually stunning game will help stimulate Spatial Insight, Problem Solving, and Planning skills.


The Cube Puzzler Pro is aimed at ages 10 years to adult. It is primarily a one person game but it works well being played in a small group or as a family.

The Cube Puzzler Pro consists of six different colour and shaped puzzle pieces along with a clear cube case. The case doubles up as as the puzzle holder when the game is in use. I was very impressed with the design of the cube holder as it clips together really well when it is not being used. The case apart into two halves when in use.

The idea of the game is to choose a challenge from the booklet provided. The challenge only shows you 3 sides of the cube. You have to try and complete the puzzle using the colourful puzzle pieces provided.

The enclosed booklet provides 80 challenges which start off at an easy level and as you progress through them they become harder. The trickier puzzles only show a few of the colours and the rest as white, this adds to the challenge.

The solutions are provided in the back of the booklet if you need that extra assistance or confirmation you have it 086aa837853378f30287a16e7198a0e4.jpgcorrect.

The Cube Puzzler is small enough to take out and about with you and keep everyone entertained. The colourful pieces make the game fun and interesting to play.

I tried the game with my seven year old and they needed assistance with the puzzles.

You can have great fun making up your own arrangements to complete the cube

Overall this is a great product and I highly recommend it.

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