Book review for The Snark

Book review for The Snark

1f55f08e9f90f719fc816437e4940833.jpg​​​​​​The Snark!: Gruffalo, Step Aside! “Perfect” Children’s Book Turns

Night-time Anxieties into Confidence & Bravery

Justin Davis’ ‘The Snark!’ is a quirky, unforgettable storybook that uses lyrical prose and quick wit to help children address and overcome their night-time anxieties. It’s an adventure that will compel young readers to face their fears head-on, and rapidly develop the confidence and bravery that will help them excel in all areas of life...

Book review: By Jodie Tizzard
I was very lucky to have the chance to review the book ‘The Snark’
When the book arrived it had a lovely note from the author inside which my son thought was very special! 
At the moment my 6 year old is loving rhyming books but he particularly liked this one as it is quite interactive, he had to find the purple ‘Snark’ Monster on each page and enjoyed finishing off the words at the end of each sentence by guessing what they rhyming words were. I would say this book is suitable for children around the age of 5-8. 
This is a wonderful fun story to enjoy with your children especially if your child has any night time anxieties. It tells a story of a creature that comes out at night time and ‘scares’ the children (the little things that live in the imagination of many little girls and boys just before bedtime!) but the good thing about this book is there is enough humour in the text of the 1f55f08e9f90f719fc816437e4940833.jpgbook that it prevents the story from being too scary. When the book is coming to an end it reassures children that things they think they see in the dark or at night time are not what they actually seem.
 The pictures in the book are lovely, bright and colourful and the activity page at the end of the book is a lovely touch. I would highly recommend this book to people who’s children may struggle at night time! 

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