‘Boing – The Cat with the Sticky Out Whiskers’

‘Boing – The Cat with the Sticky Out Whiskers’

Product Information:

Binerkey Boing is a cat with exceptionally long whiskers that cause him to get into all kinds of trouble.

He is sent away from home and on his travels meets a tapir with a strange nose who teaches Binerkey to be proud of who he is.

He also meets a lobster who can't swim, a stoat and a cat with no tail. They all go to the circus to find work but Binerkey is captured by an evil ringmaster.

A tender story to remind everyone that it's alright if you're different, you're just great the way you are.

“Children today live in a world with a lot of pressure to look a certain way, or hide their differences,” explains the author. “I want youngsters to embrace who they are and understand they are beautiful, perfect and already possess everything they need to be successful. Absolutely nothing about them needs to change, even if they have a look, trait or even a disability that might make them stand out from the crowd.”

Continuing, “This is a very important message to get across to children while in their formative years, especially at a time when their imagination runs wild and they are at a creative peak. I hope Boing and his story is a source of inspiration and positive energy, and keep your eyes peeled soon for another book from yours truly!”

In the meantime, ‘Boing: The Cat with the Sticky Out Whiskers’ is available now: https://amzn.to/2Pq6zvO.


My daughter loves animals and so this book immediately caught her attention as soon as it arrived!

We looked at the illustrations together first, which are so beautifully drawn and really enable the reader to connect with the story in a fun and engaging way, especially for younger children, and we were ecstatic to find that the story included a range of other animals too and so we spent some time discussing these and looking at these too before reading the story.

The story itself is quite long in comparison to other story books we generally read, but the layout of the book and how it separates each scene almost gives the book ‘Chapters’ which were really handy and enabled us to pick up where we left off and continue with the story when she’d lost interest (the illustrations were great at reminding her where we’d gotten to in the story too.)

Overall, my daughter really enjoyed this book despite it’s length and being quite a ‘wordy’ story.

I also decided to read it to my minded children as I felt the message the book is essentially trying to portray was incredibly important and should be read and experienced by older children,

Again, the children adored the stunning illustrations, the variety of animals mentioned and included in the story and after finishing the story we were able to have a brilliant discussion as a result of the message the story was based upon; about being different but d3720d947afae89a1b174efe3bd5f8b4.jpgnot changing as you are great as you are, the older children really resonated with this message amd were able to discuss Binerkey’s emotions at various stages in the story and how others’ opinions affected him.

Overall, a really lovely read, potentially more suited to children 3+ but the stunning illustrations and carefully thought out characters and settings make this book a lovely story to read to any child, with an important and well-presented message underlying throughout which enables thought-provoking discussions and understanding.


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