Banjo Robinson Review

Banjo Robinson Review

75001f49018c607b97715fc4635e607a.jpgProduct Information:

Move over Paddington Bear! Meet Banjo Robinson, the globetrotting cat capturing the hearts of children through the written word 

  • New personalised subscription service makes writing fun for 5-8-year olds
  • The ideal antidote to parents worried about the environmental impact of plastic toys 
  • It’s like writing to Father Christmas, except all year round 

Books encourage reading, but letters prompt a reply. So, parents waging the eternal battle to persuade their young children to write more will be glad to have a new feline ally. Banjo Robinson is a magical globetrotting cat who has befriended thousands of British children with real, personalised letters and stories from places as far away as the Taj Mahal in India, the Great Wall of China, Indonesia and Antarctica.

90% of children who receive letters from Banjo write back to him, posting their reply under the sofa before they go to bed. The letters are then whisked away by local cats (“Cat Mail”) and delivered to Banjo who takes time out of his busy travelling schedule to reply to every correspondence, twice a month. 

Every letter is automatically personalised with details about the child’s interests, including their favourite food, hobbies or pets. Each correspondence also involves a bit of secret parental involvement; parents can add a PS message to the end of the next letter the child receives. These allow Banjo to offer encouragement, or answer any questions their child might have asked, creating a magical, reciprocal correspondence between child and cat over many months, while 7f4332c136e0d2b738b0b4fb6894e0c4.jpgalso allowing parents to partake in the make-believe.


We had previously been part of a subscription service like this before and were left disappointed with the lack of personal touch and authenticity for the children, however we were pleasantly surprised when Banjo Robinson’s letter arrived on the doormat!

The children were incredibly excited to learn about this travelling cat and as we began to read his letter, the children were dumbfounded as to how he knew all of our details and even the colour and name of our beloved pet Beagle!

Banjo’s letter was incredibly well written and not like other personalised letter gifts where the connections/references made can feel a little bit weak/half-hearted but this truly captured the children’s attention and they were keen to write a response immediately so that we can keep track of where Banjo heads on his adventures next.

Another great touch that really made the experience even more magical for the children were the added extras included in his letter; the paper to write back, the giant map so we can follow and keep track of Banjo’s adventures at the setting, but for the children, the icing on the cake was the personalised sticker stamps included with Banjo’s letter, squeals of excitement and ‘It’s got our name on it!” were head as they set up piecing their response.

However, the magic didn’t end there, as per Banjo’s request, the children couldn’t wait to post the letter under the sofa as requested 6b8470c34b712cbe5e4f1b66a897a478.jpgfor Billie, our Beagle, to personally deliver to Banjo as he outlined in his letter to us!

This is a wonderful, personalised and thought-provoking subscription service for young children which really understands and fosters the importance of creative writing and homes in on children’s imaginations with extra focus on those personal, special touches and mentions that excite and inspire children. Highly recommend!

Banjo Robinson subscriptions are available to buy on  starting at £5.15 per month.  The first month includes an A2 map of the world, 2 x sets of letters, stickers, stamps, reply stationery and colouring activities, plus general fun!

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