BabyToLove Octopus Teether Review

BabyToLove Octopus Teether Review

d726404586ad1ca4f31876e7b12d8332.jpgProduct Information:

Bonnie the Octopus is the perfect teether toy to ease teething pains !

This adorable little octopus is very pleasant to chew and play with, thanks to its 8 tentacles and its dual texture, perfect for baby’s mouth!

Adorable, it will quickly become a favourite baby toy!
Presented in a stylish transparent box, this 3D octopus is a perfect birth gift.

Main product features :

  • 4 textures : smooth body, slotted hat, tentacles with a «brush» side and a «pin» side
  • Made of silicone : hygienic, avoids any risk of mold
  • Convenient : can be sterilized and dried up in the washing-machine
  • Availabe in 5 colors : pink, yellow, blue, orange, lilac


It’s always good to start a product with something you can see before you even open the box. As a mum of three children I always struggled With finding something to soothe my children’s gums When they were teething. 

When I got the opportunity to try this product I was interested to see how my youngest would get along with it. She took to it straight away when I got out Of the packet the first thing she did was place the arms of the octopus into her mouth and chewed down she then found out that it made a squeaking noise when she squeezed it which she found funny. This product is easy for babies to hold and chew at the same time it’s also easy to wipe down if it gets dirty 9a7b3a7d6791e9373f76631643f42ca1.jpg

With a lot of Teething products you can place them into the fridge and It will help the baby’s gums I did this with this product and its stayed cold for quite awhile and she enjoyed chewing down on it even more. 

I would highly recommend This product to any of my friends who also have young children when I showed the product To some of my friends Who have young children they liked the design of it and would buy it if seen in shops. 

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