A Young Raring2go! Reviewer Tests the Buggy Dirt Scout

A Young Raring2go! Reviewer Tests the Buggy Dirt Scout


fizz_dirt_buggy_image1.jpgWe (me, little kid, big kid - her dad) got a chance to try out the Buggy Dirt Scout.  We decided to take it outside for it's first test drive as the sun was out!It was immediately clear that it couldn't cope with the hilly grass of my garden but with the soft bumpers it proved to be acceptable to have it crashing into kitchen cabinets and our legs with no damage.

This buggy was easy enough for my 2 ½  yr old to control although she did often pick it up and turn it around and in the hands of her dad it zoomed around corners and slid to screeching halts.

The first time we used it, it kept her entertained for over 40mins which as anyone with children knows is about 6 times the normal attention span!

The buggy coped better with the attentions of a child than the controller, which somewhat suffered in her clumsy (exuberant) hands.  Good news is that it did still work with half an aerial.

We also tried this out in another garden that was flatter with shorter grass and it did much better - maybe our lawn needs a mow?  Oh well no time for that€¦too busy playing with the Buggy Dirt Scout

You'll be buzzing outdoors with a wide range of land, sea and air radio controlled toys from Revell Control this summer. Get down and dirty with the all-terrain, 1:10 scale Buggy €œDirt Scout€ and Buggy €œMud Scout€ (£24.99), fizz_dirt_buggy_image2.jpgcomplete with an attractive worn look, powerful motor and 2-channel transmitter for fast-paced and easy driving

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Anna Carter

Anna Carter

My name is Anna, I have 1 gorgeous little girl, Holly. Her Daddy and I love taking her camping, swimming and to the beach. We are currently rennovating our house, but love nothing more than escaping to the great outdoors as a family! We are keen scuba divers and Holly has now got her first wetsuit so she can join us on our trips (not that she is diving yet!)

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