Fun Outdoor Activities For Families This Autumn

Fun Outdoor Activities For Families This Autumn

Autumn is a great time of year to spend outside, enjoying the change in weather, and exploring some of the unique aspects of this season – especially all the beautiful colors. Here are some of our favorite activities to do as the leaves are changing and temperatures are starting to drop.

  • Nature Walks to See the Leaves Changing

Whether it’s picking an outdoor trail you’ve never been on before or going for a walk in your local neighborhood park, take some time this fall to get outside and enjoy nature’s beautiful color change from summer blues and greens to fall’s bright oranges, yellows, and reds. Bundle up the little ones in layers and make sure to bring a camera to capture all the gorgeous changing trees. Even your favorite trails for spring and summer will offer a different view during the fall.

  • Apple & Pumpkin Picking

Find a local farm to explore and bring home the classic tastes of fall: apples and pumpkin! Many farms will open up their orchards and allow visitors to pick their own apples. Or you can tour a pumpkin patch and bring some pumpkins home for decoration or to make pumpkin flavored treats this fall. Both are great activities for kids. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes so you can fully explore the orchard or fields and younger kids will be joining in on the adventure, bring a wagon to pull them (and the produce!) along. 

  • Harvest Festival

Farms, neighborhoods and wineries have 5aacaa5da9c7eea62f355b1f03f61ae3.jpgHarvest Festivals for people of all ages. You can usually find fresh fall produce and apple cider for sale at these festivals. For kids there are usually tons of fun activities such as hay rides, sack races, face painting and more. Make sure you bring an appetite for tasty festival foods, comfortable shoes, and a wagon for the kids and all the fun treats you bring home.

  • Walk on the Beach

A walk on the beach during the fall allows you to enjoy the crisp air and wind blowing in from the sea. Make sure you bring a jacket and even a blanket to sit out and enjoy the moving waves. You can even bring food to make a fall picnic on the beach. Many beaches that are packed in the summer are much calmer in the fall. You may even find that you have the whole beach to yourself on a beautiful fall day.  Kids will love to explore, search for shells and build a sandcastle.

  • Rent a Stand-up Paddleboard (or take a lesson!)

While many paddle shops are extremely busy in the summer, most are still open during the fall months and may even offer a discount for the off season! If you’ve never tried stand up paddleboarding, it’s a great way to get active on the water.  It’s also great for kids!  Take a lesson or rent a stand up paddleboard here in the UK and play around – the best water for 136c6947cc6c2d92a0b04ffef37283c3.jpgbeginners is a calm lake. Make sure you bring a change of dry clothes in case you fall into the water, some rental places may offer wet suits as well to keep you warm.

  • Bundle up & Gaze at the Night Sky

Star gazing is an incredible fall activity that you can do from your own backyard. Bundle up and grab some hot chocolates before heading outside to enjoy the stars. If you’re in an area that has little light pollution and a clear night (you can check via weather apps beforehand) you may even be able to see specific constellations or planets you can look up using a stargazing app like Star Chart. Make sure you bring some snacks, a warm blanket or some chairs to stay outside for a few hours, and pick a night with clear skies!

  • Volunteer! 

Fall season and the start of the school year is a great time to get involved in your local community. Volunteering is a great opportunity for kids to learn about issues that need support in their community, and how they can help. For most volunteer activities you don’t need to bring any supplies, just your willingness to lend a helping hand.

  • Go on a Road Trip!

There is nothing quite like a fall road trip – exploring the different fall landscapes that each town has to offer. You can pick a scenic route known for brightly colored trees right before the leaves start to fall. Then just ac026c3a50c43ad4449564b2b127e5fc.jpgpack up and go explore!

  • Go for a Family Bike Ride

Family bike rides on your local trails in the fall offer a completely different experience than in the summer or spring.  Enjoy the cooler weather as you take in the colors around you. You can even plan to bike for a full day and pack a lunch along for a picnic! Make sure you bring comfortable shoes and weather appropriate clothing. No matter how warm or cold it is, it’s always necessary to bring enough drinking water too. 

  • Do a Scavenger Hunt!

Fall is a great time to create your own scavenger hunt for a nature walk or adventure in a local park. You can find things like pine cones, acorns, or take pictures of bugs and other critters. See how many different colored leaves you can collect. The options are endless for a fall scavenger hunt.  Get outside and explore nature! Plan your list in advance on a piece of paper and make sure to bring your camera along too.

  • Pitch a Tent in Your Yard (or Go Camping!)

Who says you need to leave your own backyard for a camping adventure? Camping in your own yard or checking out a nearby campground is a great fall activity. While camping is enjoyable in the summer, something about the smell of a campfire and huddling around it to make s’mores one last time for the season makes fall camping perfect. On top of that, fall weather is 90c14ae5d15d142be8b12a265904c558.jpgjust chilly enough to get great use of a sleeping bag. Make sure to have a tent, warm clothing in case it does get cold, sleeping bags, s’mores ingredients, and some firewood for a memorable night.

Pick a scenic lake to paddle around and enjoy the changing leaves.  A canoe makes it family friendly, with room for kid(s) and a picnic!  For this outdoor adventure you’ll want to check the best locations in your area to rent a canoe and make sure to pack a picnic along with a change of dry clothes in case you get wet!

  • Try out Your Balance on a Slackline

Slacklining can be done year round, and is a great activity to test (and improve) your balance.  Kids will love it too!  You’ll need a slackline (sold online or at many sporting goods stores) and an area with two trees relatively close on flat land. For the fall edition of this activity, you’ll also want a lot of leaves to jump into!

  • Climb a (Sturdy) Tree

There is something about climbing a tree during the fall when the leaves are changing and it smells like fall.  Kids love climbing trees and you will remember what it’s like to be a kid!  Make sure you have on some solid boots or shoes to make your way up the tree. You may want to bring some binoculars or a camera to capture the moment and see what’s happening around you at a higher level!

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