Alex is Raring2go! at all GoApe Locations!

Alex is Raring2go! at all GoApe Locations!


The List

  • Aberfoyle
  • Crathes
  • Peebles


  • Dalby
  • Delamere
  • Grizedale
  • Matfen
  • Normanby Hall
  • Rivington
  • Whinlatter


  • Buxton
  • Cannock
  • Sherwood
  • Wyre


  • Margam

South East

  • Alice Holt
  • Bedgebury
  • Black Park
  • Bracknell
  • Crawley
  • Leeds Castle
  • Moors Valley
  • Southampton
  • Thetford
  • Wendover
  • Woburn


  • Battersea Park
  • Chessington
  • Cockfosters, Trent Park

South West

  • Forest of Dean
  • Haldon

18 Done
13 To go

July 2016

My name is Alex and I am a web developer at Raring2go! HQ. My hobbies are Computers and Cars so I'm very hands on which makes Go Ape parks great for me. Recently I have decided to visit all of the Go Ape parks. I don't go alone, I have a fellow GoApe enthusiast who is as quick as me at completing a course, If it's quiet we tend to go round a couple times trying the different routes/difficulties!!

So far we have been to

* Alice Holt Forest - This was my first Go Ape
* Bedgebury Pinetum - A memorable high point
* Bracknell - Had a dual Tarzan net! Two can swing at once
* Crawley - Great Tarzan net
* Leeds Castle - Great zip wires across a valley

And we are planning to go to some of the Scottish or Cumbria sites in September.

We love GoApe because each GoApe has its own unique challenges so no two are alike making each one new and exciting. The locations GoApe's are in tend to have good walks too for anyone who likes to trek. So families can make a whole day of it!

Aberfoyle is the GoApe we're most keen on doing next due to its 400m long zip wires. The climbing is fun and a good workout, I treat the zip wires as a relaxing rest on my way back to terra firma.

Each GoApe starts out by you signing in and reading the Do's afd7705df798962b88a220d857992b5a.jpgand Don'ts.
Your instructor will then bring out the harness and get you strapped in.
There's a small demo course where you practice attaching yourself and getting used to the order the carabiners and pulley attach. After the instructor has demonstrated what to do on stage 1 and you've also completed it you're free to go off to the next stage.

Our aim is to complete all 30 GoApe locations. We don't have any order as such, Depending on distance we try to plan a couple days away so we can complete a few.

It's hard to have a favourite, each one so far has something to remember. Crawley had the biggest Tarzan jump we've done yet while Leeds Castle had two zip wires that took you across a valley.

Alex will give us updates as he swings and zips across the country!

July 2017

It's been a year and about a 1300-mile journey but we've finally done Scotland's Go Ape's. After setting off at 9pm we made it to Aberfoyle at about 7am! A short nap in the car before Go Ape opened and we were Raing2go!

The Aberfoyle course starts as it finishes, with a massive 400m zip line 150ft above the forest! On to stage 2 and there's two rope ladders to start so a quick race to the top and we're off. Still on stage 2 and a couple sections in we get our first Tarzan net before zipping back down. The return zip e4ec482f93da8fd1ddb009e01f45ad96.jpgline took about 45 seconds.

Onward bound to Aberdeen for some food and sleep. Refreshed from a night's sleep it was off to Crathes. To make things more difficult I decided to go off the platform backwards on the Tarzan net. After completing the course on a lovely sunny day, we popped to the food court for an ice cream.

On the final day we're heading south towards Edinburgh for the last Go Ape at Peebles. For us it seemed like the best had been saved till last with a massive Tarzan swing and what felt like the longest zip line we've ever done. Came close to losing my cap too!

After conquering Scotland's Go Ape's it was time to hit the road again and get back for some rest.

August 2017

Another two done so our standing total is now 10 with the 11th coming soon!

11th done and a visit to Nets Kingdom. Got stuck in the balls ;)

September 2017

Two more done on the same day, up to 13 now. Wendover and Woburn.

It was another early morning to get to Wendover for a 10am start.
This was a great course with section 5 having extreme and moderate difficulty routes.
We managed to do the extreme which was our first experience of a climbing wall to ascend into the trees instead of a rope ladder, awesome!

We ran out of time to be able to do the moderate before we 669eca57abf9867e35a9a0b51bd1c1ab.jpgneeded to head off to Woburn so we'll be back.

Woburn is unique as it's set within Woburn Safari!
After driving through seeing Rhinos, Giraffes and Elephants we were ready to start.
This place is full of wildlife having been watched by some Chickens as we had our briefing to having a deer cross the path in front of us as we moved between sections.

We're already planning out our next lot :)

May 2018

It's been a while but another GoApe has been ticked off the list, this time it was Chessington.

This was our first GoApe that uses the always on system so there's no rope ladders to acend into the trees but big wooden stairs.
The other unique aspect of the always on system meant there's no rope ladders to move up a platform either, instead you have a rope net column with alternating platforms you need to snake your way up.

It was good to see you still get extreme and moderate difficulty routes with the always on via switching mechanism so you're not always stuck on the same path.

Chessington finishes off with 4 seperate zip lines so you can race friends to the end.

More GoApes's coming in June

June 2018

A few in the north done. This time we did Grizedale, Whinlatter and Dalby.

Setting off on Sunday we got to our hotel in Cockermouth ready for rest with our first GoApe being Grizedale on the Monday.
The Grizedal GoApe is 0e7809912078395a98dfb1608b8a1940.jpgspread out over the forest so you get to see a lot with a couple zips from one side of the valley to the other.

Being the only location with a Zip Trekking Adventure we inlcuded that on the itinerary too.
This is unique as you're driven to the top and get to go down 8 different zip lines to get back.
Apart from the first training zip the rest are dual so you can race a friend to the end :)

Next up was Whinlatter.
Another lovely location with great staff, even spotted a Red Squirrel.

We event managed to get in a Segway session before heading off to York for our next hotel.

The last one for this trip was Dalby, we were the only 2 on the morning session but we still needed to do our orientaion :)
With this being our 17th we're well versed in GoApe so wen't round pretty quick so did stages 4 & 5 again.
After finishing off we had a great photo of us and the staff. GoApe Dalby

July 2018

Taking advantage of the good weather we squeezed in Cockfosters.
This was an interesting site as each course had two routes and two rope ladders at the start.
It also had some of the fastest landing zips we've done, had to make sure you were running when hitting the bark.

More in September.

September 2018

Being half way up the country for a wedding we made use c32498549d0dba664496823fec081617.jpgof the distance to do another 4 sites!
This time being Delamere, Buxton, Rivington and Matfen.

We got off to a damp start on our first site Delamere as we had rain which is perfect for the adjacent swamp.

Buxton had recently seen some changes with the introduction of Alpine Zips which are great. Zipping from tree to tree.

Rivington was great. They'd been expecting us so had out the red carpet for our arrival ;)
Got some greate pics and videos. Instagram.

Up last we had Matfen. A good site with crossings inspired by the famous bridges in Newcastle.

Maybe we'll have time to squeeze in our 22nd this year :)

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