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10 of the best wheelchair and buggy-friendly woods.


963_image2.jpgIf you're thinking of visiting a wood this autumn but are worried about how to get a pushchair, buggy or wheelchair around then hopefully VisitWoods can help. They've come up with:

10 of the best wheelchair and buggy-friendly woods.

Accessibility information on woods is really helpful if you want to know about facilities like car parking, toilets and cafes before you go. On VisitWoods the advanced search can help you find just the wood for you.
The website hosts a searchable online database of the UK's woods that are open to the public and with over 11,000 woods there are plenty to choose from.
They also have heaps of free downloads for families including fungi spotter sheets and other fun activities to try one woodland walks.

When planning a wood visit, it's nice to know what you're getting

Accessibility information about woods for disabled audiences is really helpful. And many of us like to know about facilities like car parking, toilets and cafes. The advanced search on the linked page above can help you find just the wood for you.

Your favourite autumn spot not on our list?

Here's how to get involved

- Visit the wood and find buggy and wheelchair friendly paths. If we haven't listed it as "accessible" on our site then it's over to you...
- Find the wood on our site using the search function. Then Click add more features.
- Tick the box with the blue wheelchair accessible icon
- Click update and then you're done! Another accessible wood for 963_image3.jpgothers to find.

One of our main aims is to enable people with disabilities to access woods for pleasure. The wheelchair access symbol used on this website indicates a wood which visitors or landowners have identified as accessible.

As we do not verify all symbols added by the general public we recommend that you enquire with the landowner for detailed access information. To improve our information on accessibility, please share your experiences in the visitor comments section.

VisitWoods is a partnership project led by the Woodland Trust aimed at making it easier for everyone to access and enjoy woods.

Woodland Trust

Woodland Trust

The UK's leading woodland conservation charity. For more information on the Woodland Trust please click the links below.

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