Advertising with Raring2go this Summer

Advertising with Raring2go this Summer

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Summer 2020 Local Business Packages

Hi, we hope this message find you well.  Things are going to be different for all of us so for a while so we’re stepping up to the challenge, putting together packages that will be effective in getting your message out to the local family market and are still really great value!  2020 may have given us some lemons to deal with this year but we’re determined to help you make lemonade!

 This summer we’ll be releasing 2 digital, interactive magazines rather than 1 print copy at key times.  One to be released mid June and the other just before the Summer holidays.

There are a lot of advantages to working this way at this time including:

  • Magazines can include links to your website or video clips.
  • Producing a digital magazine has a quicker turn around time allowing us to react to the latest government advice
  • And the updated online version of the Spring magazine is proving to be very popular!

All bookings include lots of extra benefits to gain even more exposure:

  • You can have one of our sought after competition or special offer slots
  • We will share your information through our social media channels
  • And give you a webpage on our site to give readers lots more details about you.

There are other low cost options you can add on too like web banners and email newsletter slots so you can really make the most of our multi platform 9e2e30ee08be90aab74fca7723176111.pngapproach!

Plus you'll only be dealing with your local Editor who understands the area and will do everything she can to learn about your business in order to offer you the right options.

For more details email Michelle at

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