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Autumn Activities


ffbc009d6992cd60424259973eb2e1ae.jpgLeaves are falling from the trees and are crunchy under foot, days are getting shorter and colder, the soup is warm and ready and the scarecrows are out talking to the birds-it must be Autumn! Just because we are coming out of Summer it doesn’t mean that we have to suddenly hibernate and turn to the TV and computer games for comfort-there are plenty of Autumnal activities we can do with our children, indoors and out.

  • Leaf rubbings-collect leaves from trees and those that have fallen to the ground. Put them under paper and use the side of crayons to rub on the paper over the leaves.
  • Leave and flower collage-Go out on an Autumn walk and collect leaves, flowers, small pine cones, conker shells and anything else that has fallen to the ground. Use PVA glue to make your autumn collage.
  • Family tree-great for older children or families where there is a new addition! Encourage your child to decide how they want to, for example they could use photos, take their own photos or draw pictures of each family member. Help them understand where each picture will go on their tree (which they can draw). Why not let them add their favourite toys or pets to the tree. This will encourage imagination, I.T skills if taking photos and give them a greater understanding of their family supporting their personal, social and emotional development.
  • Kicking leaves!-great fun for all ages-Join in Mum and Dad! Enjoy the fresh air whilst e7e4bac1097742b260062c1c0ef77937.jpgusing gross motor skills and having a great time. Why not turn it into a leaf fight!? A great way to let off steam and wear the children out!!
  • Carving pumpkins- Great fun at Halloween! Don’t forget to supervise!
  • Make pumpkin soup-Although not to everyone’s taste this is something to try when you are making your Halloween lantern.
  • Play conkers-you need to go hunting for conkers that are firm and uncracked. Get an adult to help make a hole through the middle of the conker. Thread string through the hole and tie a knot in one end. Players take turns at hitting the other players conker.
  • Make bird cake-now is a great time to make bird cakes to hang in your garden. Then your children can watch the different birds that fly in for lunch. You will need-bird seed, raisins, peanuts, grated cheese, lard or suet, string, yoghurt pots, scissors and mixing bowl. Get an adult to help make a hole in the bottom of the yoghurt pot, thread string through and tie a hole inside the pot. (this string will tie to the tree.)Use the lard at room temperature-cut into small pieces and put in mixing bowl. Add other ingredients and mix with your fingers! Fill the pots with the mixture and set in the fridge for a couple of hours. Hang them on the trees and wait!
  • Pick fruit-Early Autumn is the perfect time to visit your local ‘Pick your Own’ Farm and pick apples, sweetcorn, cbb85ff68daaab2a2662b60a887c2dc8.jpgraspberries, pumpkins, butternut squash and lots more!
  • Rock pooling-Although usually seen as a Summer activity during Autumn months as the tide go out further so there is more spaces at low tide to find the creatures. Make sure an adult supervises near the water. Take your wellies and a container. You could even take a guide book with you.  If you want why not make an underwater viewer to take with you. Cut a plastic bottle in half; cover the bottom with cling film. You can them put the cling film end of the bottle into the water and look through the top to see what is lurking about in the water!
  • Painting Leaves
  • Making leaf bunting
  • Autumn is a great time to get outdoors and learn about the changing of the seasons! Why not write a poem about the changing colours of the leaves and the lovely crunch sound they make under foot.

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