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Summer Holiday Madness


d09cffff4b53cec7741568bc71a7cc03.jpgThinking of ideas and fun activities to fill the Summer holidays for all to join in with is a huge task in itself! With the good old British Summer you need to have a few indoor surprise ideas up your sleeve as well as planning on being outside. I have put together a few ideas to keep everyone entertained.

  • Paint with water-watch it disappear! - This will be good for your younger children! Give your children a bucket of water, paintbrushes, rollers, and painting pads and let them paint the garden! The patio, furniture, fences and then watch as it disappears. Children love watching the magic and then there is nothing to wash away when you have finished! Painting pictures and words on patios will encourage literacy, numeracy and fine motor skills.
  • Become an Entrepreneur-make things to sell-loom bands, other jewellery, bags, pictures, lemonade etc.
  • Sports day races! -Get everyone together and put on your own sports day! Egg and spoon races, put ribbons on the ground for long jump and hurdles, 3 legged races, skipping, fancy dress race, teddy bear race, throwing something into a target etc. The children can make medals before and have a proper winner’s ceremony!
  • Treasure hunt-Great fun for all ages! For younger children you can ask them to collect things that are all one colour or start with the same letter. For older children give them a list of items (depending on where you are) for example, at 73ced071eb96af34542fa7369db89c2a.jpgthe beach-shell, stone, driftwood, cuttle shell; in the woods-a leaf, stone, bark, acorn; at home-a sock, some pepper, a pen etc. For older children you could also write clues about what you want them to find rather than actually naming the item-for example-you wear it on your foot, it is stripy, it has one hole in it. You can make the clues harder depending on the age of your child.
  • Make Ice-cream-see our strawberry recipe HERE
  • Build a den-This can be done indoors and outside. All you need are lots of blankets, chairs or boxes and imagination! Why not have a picnic in your den.
  • Bike ride-it’s free! (If you have a bike obviously!) Go out and explore the area you live! My sisters and I used to love doing this when we were younger-we would set of not knowing where we were going, but we always found our way home! Take your child’s age into consideration before you let them go off on their own-this can also be a lovely family day out!
  • Visit your local 'Pick your Own'
  • Make a collage or photo album of the holiday-you could use a canvas or book, add photos, drawings, tickets and anything else that reminds you of the fun times you had in the summer!
  • Facepainting-Fun for the whole family.
  • Chalk drawings around shadows-go outside on a sunny day and find an area you can draw on the ground with chalk. See 2558eb3c45ce459c16b94acc7fa68cd6.jpgif you can draw around your shadow and other peoples-Just like Bert did in Mary Poppins! And if it’s raining-watch the film!
  • Go fly a kite!
  • Leaf and bark rubbings-if you are out and about in a wood or forest or even just in the garden, get some paper and some wax crayons and make some rubbings of the trees, or leaves. These can be used as a great background for a holiday collage, or as unique wrapping paper.​​​​​​
  • Build a sandcastle-at the beach, park or at home. No sand? No problem-build a mud castle!
  • Have a 'yard sale'-get the children to clear out unwanted toys and clothes and sell them in your front garden-make sure there is adult supervision, and you check what they are selling! Money could go to charity, a family day out or the new toy they want.
  • Picnic-When you’re out and about or even at home, everyone loves a picnic! I think it’s the fact that you get to have lots of small portions of all your favourite foods-because let’s face it; you really can take almost any food on a picnic! Pick a favourite food for each person attending the picnic and then make picnic sized portions-this way you know everyone will be happy! You could take your picnic in the garden, have it inside in your den, go to the beach or take it on your bike ride with you.
  • Gardening-give your children their own patch of the garden or let them help you! If you don’t have a garden children could still plant some flowers or vegetables in a pot or window box. Giving children some responsibility and something to look after will give them a great sense of pride. Things they could plant include sunflowers, potatoes, carrots, flower bulbs, even cress seeds.
  • A great idea for combatting boredom is to have a list, or labelled sticks or pieces of paper in a jar with lots of ideas on-read a book, watch a film, write a story, write to a friend, send a postcard to a serving soldier, play outside, make something, paint something, do something else for someone, earn some money, bake something.
  • Mini Olympics-check out some ideas here.
  • Earn pocket money-get your house or car clean and tidy, keep the kids busy-everyones a winner!!
  • Cooking-take a look at our recipes
  • Get out and about-just enter your postcode in our What's On section and find events local to you.

Ria Dumbleton

Ria Dumbleton

Ria has 2 girls and previously worked in nurseries for over 15 years and left managing a day nursery when her eldest was born. She now works for Raring2go! as our Digital Content and Strategy Manager

If you are interested in writing for Raring2go! or featuring on our site please email Ria.

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