Tips for looking after Children Mental Wellbeing

Tips for looking after Children Mental Wellbeing

1598a8914007bc9967a1511fc37d77a0.jpgEvery Mind Matters: New Tips & Advice for looking after Children and Young People’s Mental Wellbeing.

As we settle into September, we can all agree that the past few months have been hard on everyone, especially our children and young people in our lives. New Public Health England data has shown that over half of parents surveyed in England said the mental wellbeing of their children has been one of their biggest worries during COVID.[1]

With this in mind, children and parents are now adjusting to the “new normal”, especially with the recent return to school. Children and young people are going through new experiences; whether that’s a different school environment, new classes, routines and even new friends, it can all lead to feelings of anxiety and stress. With all these new changes, and factoring in the worries from the Covid pandemic, it can be completely normal for parents to be concerned about their child’s mental wellbeing.

To help support parents and carers during this challenging time, Public Health England, Better Health – Every Mind Matters has launched a new campaign designed to help support children, young people and their parents’ mental wellbeing.

From the new PHE data, nearly a quarter of parents surveyed say that not knowing what action to take has prevented them supporting their children’s mental wellbeing (22%), and more than a third (38%) want more advice on how to support their mental wellbeing when returning to school.1 

The new advice available on the Every 000e467036dff18cc349ac15ddd58fc2.jpgMind Matters website - developed in partnership with leading children and young people’s mental health charities, including Young Minds, The Mix and Place2Be - is designed to help parents and carers spot the signs that children may be struggling with their mental health and support them, and also provides advice that can help maintain good mental wellbeing.

Check out some of the NHS-approved top tips and advice to help children and young people’s mental wellbeing, as they go back out into the world:

Be there to listen: Ask the children and young people you look after how they are doing regularly so they get used to speaking about their feelings

Stay involved in their life: Show interest in their life and the things that are important to them

Support positive routines: Be a positive role model and support positive behaviours including regular bedtime routines, healthy eating and getting active 

Encourage their interests: Being active, creative, learning things and being a part of a team are all good for mental health. Support children and young people to explore their interests

Take what they say seriously: help the children and young people you look after feel valued in what they say and help them work through difficult emotions.

As well as the new guidance, best-selling author, artist and illustrator Charlie Mackesy and a number of celebrity parents have come together in a powerful, short film to help raise awareness about the campaign. The film uses illustrations and extracts from the book, ‘The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse’ and encourages parents to visit the Every Mind Matters website.

Every Mind Matters

Every Mind Matters

For expert tips and advice to support children and young people with their mental wellbeing. Search Every Mind Matters or click the links below.

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