Online Osteopathy And Hints &Tips For Lockdown

Online Osteopathy And Hints &Tips For Lockdown

Pain And Stiffness?
If you are suffering with pain and discomfort during lockdown, and can't see your therapist, then definitely check if they're doing virtual appointments which can help you.

I'm really pleased to find that online osteopathy appointments are proving very helpful for my patients who are struggling, and can't see me.

Online Osteopathy Can Help You With A Wide Range Of Problems

I've helped people with issues from desk posture related pain, wrist pain from computer work, to back pain, herniated disc pain, hip and shoulder pain. I've also been helping pregnant mums and babies too.

Although I can't give you hands on cranial osteopathy, I still give you tailored treatment, by applying my knowledge and osteopathic principles to your problem. And the process is very easy and simple using video conferencing.
For example a lady I helped with her shoulder pain, was surprised at how much better she felt for following the rehab plan and advice I gave her.

This is because I didn't just focus on her shoulder. I thought about her as a whole person. I identified what other areas weren't working as well as they could, such as her upper back and ribs, and lumbar spine. So by working on these areas, together with the shoulder, her pain has now almost gone, and she can lift her arms above her head and take her jumper off easily again.

I've also been able to help patients in other ways too, by taking people 1840fd53672b6af2649c73c42d1a1fd6.jpgthrough breathing exercises which can help reduce stress, and improve pain levels, as well as improving rib cage and lung function (important during this particular pandemic).

Get In Touch To See If Online Osteopathy Can Help You

 If you are currently struggling with pain and stiffness, and want to know whether an online osteopathy appointment can help you, then do get in touch. We can chat through the best way forward, and I will be honest - if I don’t think I can help you, I’ll point you in the right direction.

Hints And Tips For Working From Home In Lockdown

It’s been a difficult time both mentally and physically for us all. Everyone is affected in different ways by the lockdown, and it’s so important to remember to be kind and patient with yourself, and not compare yourself with how others are doing.

Prioritise your self care. This means different things to different people. It could mean making sure you get your daily exercise in, for others it could mean making sure you get at least 15 minutes to yourself to allow thinking time and space.

It’s ironic, that in lockdown everyone seems even busier than normal. So here are my top tips for working from home in lockdown.

1. Make sure you move daily and get outside for your daily exercise. If you are tired then a walk will still make you feel much better and clear your head. Did you know that a brisk 30 98216de2d83dca9a3fa778a82d2b694a.jpgminute walk is enough to clear your lymphatic system? This is important for the body’s health.

2. If you are working from home on a laptop, where ever possible improve your desk set up (you can read my blog on this here: https:// pain/

3. Make sure you get up from sitting at least every 20-30 minutes (set an alarm). Get up and walk around for a minute or two. Do some gentle shoulder rolls and back stretches. No one can see you, so march on the spot to get your blood flowing. This helps prevent stiffness.

4. We are all on our screens too much, which isn’t good for eye health. Make sure when you get up every 20 minutes you look out the window and look at and focus on something as far away as possible.

5. Breathing exercises daily. Focus on deep breathing from your diaphragm and belly and expanding your rib cage as much as possible. This will help your stress levels, lung function and spinal health.

I do hope my tips have been helpful. More can be found on my social media channels, so follow me there, or get in touch if you want to know how I can help you. Wishing you good health!

Aimee Cox

Aimee Cox

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