Acupuncture – A family friendly treatment

Acupuncture – A family friendly treatment


11_acupuncture_1(1).jpgLet's be honest here€¦.. being a parent is really hard work. The sleepless nights, grabbing lunch on the run, stressy bedtime routines etc. all put massive demands on us emotionally and physically and really mess with our energy...

What is acupuncture?
Acupuncture is a system of healing that has been used in China and the Far East for thousands of years. According to traditional Chinese philosophy our health is dependent on the smooth flow of our body's energy. This energy, referred to as Qi, can easily become disturbed or imbalanced and there are many aspects to people's lives which cause these imbalances. Acupuncture aims to address the imbalances using the insertion of very fine needles along the channels of the body encouraging the body to return to a state of balance and health.

Acupuncture is considered to be beneficial for a wide range of illnesses and symptoms and is suitable for everyone. Some people will come for clearly defined complaints such as back pain whilst others come for their general wellbeing.

Many people seek treatment to help with a specific condition but to an acupuncturist it's about the whole person rather than just treating the named condition. A traditional acupuncturist's main focus is always on correcting the underlying cause of illness rather than just treating the symptoms of the main complaint.

Is it suitable for children?
As any parent knows children have abundant levels of energy and this can be very easily influenced by any treatment. If you observe 11_acupuncture_2(1).jpgany child through an illness or an emotional outburst it all moves through relatively quickly. Children don't store or suppress emotions like us adults and their illnesses tend to be more intense and short lived. However sometimes children do need a helping hand in throwing off an unwanted cold or a bout of eczema and acupuncture can work really well at giving them a little boost. It is perfectly safe for children to receive acupuncture; treatment tends to be a lot different to that of an adult and I would certainly recommend you find someone who has done additional training in treating children. It may be that a child would only need one or two needles in order to have a strong effect on their energy and it's usually enough that the needles just go in and come straight out whereas they tend to stay in for around 20 minutes during standard treatment. Of course there are other options open if needles aren't well received and acupressure can also be incredibly effective. Again because children's energy is so close to the surface simply rubbing acupuncture points or massaging channels can make all the difference. A simple massage of the tummy or the large intestine points can be very effective at helping with constipation in children.

What about us parents?
Let's be honest here... being a parent is really hard work. The sleepless nights, grabbing lunch on the run, stressy bedtime routines etc. all put massive demands on us acupuncture_3.jpgemotionally and physically and really mess with our energy.
Acupuncture can offer a great level of support to stressed and tired parents. It can really help with the common aches and pains along with other more troublesome health issues such as insomnia, migraines, IBS, anxiety and much much more. Sometimes it can just be about having time out for yourself where you can offload your problems, lie down for 40 minutes, de stress and not have the pressure of family life on top of you. De stressed and healthier parents make for happier healthier families. It's important we look after ourselves so that we can do the best for our children.
A brief case history - Infant ezema
I was once approached by a lady whose 8 month old son was being severely affected by eczema. The poor boy had to wear scratch mitts constantly to stop him scratching his legs and body. When she first bought him for treatment she explained that she had tried everything and nothing had helped. As soon as she took the vest and mitts off he was straight at his legs itching away.

I was the last resort before they went away on holiday. I saw them for 3 weeks giving 1 treatment per week. The treatment involved 1 needle in and out on both elbows and the results were amazing. Even I was amazed. Following the 1st session there was a noticeable improvement and by the time we had finished the acupuncture_4.jpg3 treatments the scratch mittens were completely discarded! 
How to find a practitioner?
Finding the right practitioner is important and I'd always recommend finding a suitably qualified acupuncturist registered with the British Acupuncture Council. All members have completed a degree or degree level training in Acupuncture and are fully insured. They are also bound by strict codes of safe practice and professional conduct.

Ian Stones BSc Hons Lic Ac MBAcC

Ian is a traditional acupuncturist based in Farnham and Hove. He graduated from the College of Intergrated Chinese Medicine in 2007. He has a specialist interest in fertility and female helath and has built up extensive experience in the areas of fertility, IVF, mentrual problems, insomnia and migraine, along with many other conditions.

He is a member of the British Acupuncture Council, the Brighton and Hove Acupuncture childbirth team and the Zita Est National Fertility Network.

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