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Who are the WildStarz?


cc79d9bd6bef25629c05eee6168217a3.jpgJan Jordyn is a Bournemouth-based copywriter and self-taught designer who is keen to encourage more youngsters to get active and creative. Jan is the creator of Cedric Croc’s WildStarz™ -  a group of self-sufficient animal pals, who live on an island, (closely inspired by Brownsea Island in Dorset).

Although the WildStarz too, love to get active and creative at every opportunity, their arch-enemies the ‘Thwarthogs’ and the ‘Boars’ are out to stop them in their tracks! There are currently nine WildStarz in the clan, which includes: Kayla Koala, Pandora Panda and Wilmot Wombat – plus the latest addition: Bandit Bat – just in time for Halloween! New WildStarz will be introduced at regular intervals. The characters are aiming to attract young fans aged from 2-8.

Jan says: “The original idea for WildStarz was sparked by the media’s obsession with obesity in childhood; that, combined with the fact that the dreaded ‘elf & safety contingent have put the kybosh on many of the simple pleasures we enjoyed as youngsters, such as playing conkers, climbing trees and making our own (frequently sinkable) rafts!

The WildStarz will feature HERE with new games, puzzles, stories and other activities being added regularly.

“Rather than raising future generations of ‘cotton-wool kids’ who have little experience of risk or competition, it’s vital to give today’s youngsters a taste of the real world in a way that promotes confidence, decision-making and life skills. We’re very grateful to Raring2go! for giving us this opportunity to launch WildStarz 851f01a919ef6cd33dddf87d8c216cf2.jpgon such a prominent and popular platform!”

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Raring2go! KidsZone

Raring2go! KidsZone

Over the weekends and holidays there are always times when your children need some chill out time, or to fill an hour or so, or they say the dreaded 5 letter word - BORED! Well, our KidsZone is here to rescue you and them from these moments. Full of puzzles, colouring in sheets and activities from films and programmes there is lots to keep busy!