Summer is coming which means it's time to picnic!

Summer is coming which means it's time to picnic!

74454d29d4e76ac1492f53ccbce3f037.jpgNow that Summer is finally here ( hoping the sunshine is here by the time you read this!) it's time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, which means that its time to PICNIC!

We are providing you with your tick list of essentials to have the perfect family picnic, making sure you have everything you need to have a stress free day...

1. Picnic Hamper. It's important to have the right carrying equipment when going on a picnic to ensure the sandwiches stay full of their contents and not mushed together and the sausage rolls don't get crushed in transit. Which will it be, a Picnic Basket or Rucksack, what's your preferred choice? Here's a very popular backpack with everything in it on Amazon...Picnic Back Pack

2. Seating.  What to sit on once you have reached your idea picnic spot is high priority for me, I know which I go for, has to be comfy relaxers every time. What will it be for you? Blanket, picnic chairs or relaxers... Suggestion alert! Here's a set of 4 chairs with a table at a really reasonable price ... Family folding chairs & Table

3. Utensils. I think having everything you need to prepare and serve up your perfect picnic menu keeps the stress levels down, enabling you to relax and enjoy the whole experience, so make sure you have all the utensils ( knives , plates, plastic glasses/ bottles, cutting boards and c600aaf02fbfd6f3e9964cfefe2853c4.jpgknives and the essentials for the adults- Corkscrew and bottle openers! This family set has had 103 people review it and give 4.5 out of 5, which sounds good to me!  Premium Picnic Briefcase 

4. Flasks and Cool boxes. Keeping your food at the right temperature is key, cool boxes with icepacks to keep your food fresh and appetising and a Thermos to keep the tea/ coffee hot... Getting the right one for you can be a science in itself, but looking at family sized boxes and flasks will ensure you get everything packed, there's nothing worst than running out of space! Large family cooler bag this is a top seller on Amazon...    

5. Bin Bag. Always remember to take your rubbish home with you, we need to look after our beautiful countryside and the wildlife, so be sure to put the simple bin bag on your list.

6. Paper towels and or Wet wipes. You can guarantee the kids will get in a sticky mess with all the lovely finger food, so wet wipes or paper towels are a must.

7. Sunscreen and Bug spray. It doesn't have to be a sunny day for everyone to catch the sun and possibly get sunburn, so remembering  suncream protection from the Sun and bug bites are really important. I find a Child friendly Bug Spray with natural ingredients works best for my grandchildren and it has a 59952e0ff938e03ae6f49abdeadd63cf.jpggood rating on Amazon too!
(Don't forget the hats too, too much Sun without a hat on can cause Sunstroke!)

8. Games for the great outdoors . Keeping the kids busy once the picnic is eaten, keeps everyone happy...Games to involve the family, such as Swingball, Kite flying, Giant Jenga, Cricket,   & Football, all the family favourites always go down well.

9. Camera/ Smart Phone. Don't miss the opportunity to capture the day on camera, Pictures will make your family picnic timeless, so you can revisit the memories as the children grow up, I know mine love looking at old photos and talking about old times... This camera is one for the whole family and really reasonably priced.

I'm sure you will create lasting memories of family picnics during the summer of 2021, ensuring you've got everything on your list, make it enjoyable for you too!  

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