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2171_image1.jpgWe have been asked a few times now how we ended up meeting and getting together as a threesome! Some may say two's company and threes a crowd but we find our dynamics work fantastically well, especially for all things parenting! So where did we meet? We actually met via the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy, where we all embarked on the rollercoaster ride that is Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy training! We weren't all in the same year together but through various training and meetings we met and hit it off straight away.
Why?  Well despite our very different backgrounds, we had a fair few things in common; one  being that we were all mums, and the second that none of us were perfect and could quickly give a whole host of examples of how we have all got it wrong over the years. We also felt that the old phrase ‘if I knew then what I know now' became significant, as we feel that a lot of the therapeutic knowledge that we have from our training and now working with clients, is a very valuable tool, especially when it comes to bringing up our own children and the highs and lows that parenting brings.
We all feel that to make the best of family life and to build self-esteem in children we need to have a whole family approach. That is why we cover so many different areas in the modules and work in our club; we focus on 2171_image2.jpghow to help our children but just as importantly how to help ourselves because if we are not robust and take care of ourselves how can we possibly do the same for our children? We know it can be scary talking about how we are as parents because it can feel exposing, am I getting it right? What will other people think about me as a parent? We ALL think like this at times and so we hope that through the club people will realise that actually it is a safe and confidential way to talk about things, ‘better out than in' as they say and its also the only way to learn, otherwise how do we know if we are alone in how we think or what we do?
We are professionals but we are not experts because the only expert on your children is you and  themselves! However we can help you learn more about you and your children, enhance your already existing expertise! The club does not provide therapy but rather therapeutic support and guidance in all things parenting and also all things ‘human'! We offer structured modules on a variety of relevant topics such as Anxiety, Stress, Self-esteem and so on but the most valuable part of the club is the confidential and private support group.  Come and join us we would love to have you on board! We have made it affordable at £9.99 a month but this is by no means a 2171_image3.jpgreflection of the value of what we offer. We just want it to be accessible to everyone in many ways including financially. If you have any questions please get in touch! 

Parent Plus

Parent Plus

Parent Plus offers support, training and education to parents. For more information on Parent Plus use the links below

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