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Fun Activities to get Your Kids Animating


e5d67599bbb698e0cb7ec7a0713419e2(15).jpgAnimating needn’t be a daunting prospect as creating simple but effective animations with even the most basic artistic skills has never been easier and you might just surprise yourselves!

Story Games

Behind every good animation is a great story… Fill a bag with different toys and pictures. Kids can take turns to close their eyes and pick something out of the bag. Once you’ve picked four things out you can start to turn them into a story!

 Think about how each thing relates to each other. For example if you pulled out an orange it could be that the orange is a character (stick on googly eyes are great for this!) an orange alien from outer space perhaps?

Create A Multi Page Flipbook

All you will need for this is a pack of post it notes and a pen. First of all think about what animation you want your flipbook to show. It can be simple as a person waving or as exciting a space rocket shooting into space! 

Draw your first image, this is where you want your animation to begin, then on the second post it draw it again but so it has moved slightly. Continue this until you have completed the action you wanted to animated and you will have your very own animation!

Talking Heads

Although not animation in itself, creating a talking head is a great starting point.  You draw a head (doesn’t have to be a human!) on a piece of paper 88657803b1e7af787dc8df3c6c034451(14).jpgwith eye nose, ears and an open mouth (if you make the open mouth a stylised square shape it makes it easier later on when you add the square shaped jaw).  

Cut a horizontal slit along the bottom of the mouth where you will slide through a strip of paper from the back, to form the lower jaw.  You can then move the jaw up and down against the mouth to get your character chatting away! 

Itching for more? Go to where we have created some fun animating activities which use the characters from Galdo’s Gift! You can access video guides like the one below, printable PDFs and links to our favourite free animation app.

Galdo’s Gift is an interactive children’s book, which is now available from the iBooks store for £6.99. Find out more at:

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Trevor Young and Eleanor Long

Trevor Young and Eleanor Long

Trevor Young and Eleanor Long are the creators of interactive children’s book Galdo’s Gift, which is now available from the iBooks store for £6.99. Find out more below

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