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Follow Santa on his Travels this Christmas Eve


a8aaea0f0da5899e33d7aee0ea190670.jpgFor the last 2 years I have spent most of Christmas Eve evening outside with my Gran and both my girls looking up at the sky! Why? I hear you say...We were looking for Santa of course! Reckon we saw him too!

Now there is an easier (and warmer) way to find him, and to follow him on his travels around the world delivering presents to all the good boys and girls of the world!

Track Santa with NORAD

For the last 62 years The North American Aerospace Defense Command's Santa Tracker has done all of the hard work for you, so that you and the kids can sit down in your Christmas pj's with a hot chocolate and watch as he gets closer to your house (make sure you get to sleep before he gets to you though!).

Throughout the rest of the year NORAD focuses on defending the US airspace. Come Christmas Eve though it is all systems go (and we mean all 47 infrared radars) track the heat signature from Rudolhp's nose and check for Santa on his travels from the North Pole. These sensors are 22,300 miles above earth and track Santa as he whoosh's across the sky!

You can visit the Santa Tracker from 1st December for activities, games and stories about the big man himself!

As well as tracking him through the skies, you an also catch a glimpse of Santa via the NORAD SantaCams. Positioned around the world these, ultra 156005c5baf40ff51a327f1c34f2975b.jpghigh tech, high speed digital cameras are only used once a year - Christmas Eve!

If you want to ask NORAD when Santa will be at your house (to ensure you are tucked up fast asleep) you can call them (US number) 1 877 446-6723 or Email them to speak to a NORAD Staff Member who will tell you exactly where Santa is!

What a wonderful way to keep the magic alive for children and adults alike!

You can track Santa yourself through social media, mobile apps and the NORAD Track Santa website!

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