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Double Buggy Advice for Parents of Twins


There are no two ways about it. Having twins is expensive. You have to buy two of everything from cots to highchairs or even larger, more expensive versions of products like changing bags, playmats and, of course, double buggies. Furthermore, parents of twins struggle to find retailers that stock more than one or two products designed for twins. This becomes especially difficult when choosing a double buggy. Without being able to try, touch, push or collapse their chosen buggy before they buy, parents of twins are at risk of making a costly mistake because they are forced to buy online with little help or advice. With the average price of a double buggy on being £454, it's something all twin parents would like to avoid.  

Retailers don't stock products that are designed for twins - it's a simple supply and demand issue. According to the Multiple Birth Foundation, less than 2% of all UK births is a multiple birth.  However recent figures show this is rising. The National Office of Statistics states that the number of multiple births rose by 6.8% between 2000 and 2009.  Furthermore, the National Office of Statistics has released new figures showing that the multiple birth rate has increased to 16.1 per 1,000 women in 2011 compared with 15.7 in 2010.  The increase in multiples should be a wake-up call to retailers, especially true locally because 15% of all multiple births in 2011 were in Hertfordshire.

In the absence of products in store c1039e5a4502b1830d34f95ba65563eb.jpgthat parents of twins can browse, a new website is available that provides advice for those that are pregnant with twins, Frankie Mortimore (a Mum of twins herself) created It is a review website where parents of twins can review and recommend, products designed for twins, to each other. Frankie quickly found that advice and support from other twin parents was invaluable when her twins were born so she wanted to create a website that would be both a free and useful resource for parents of multiples. 

One of the most reviewed products on is the double buggy. Which is best - a tandem or side-by-side? Will it fit through your front door? Is it too big for your car boot? This is where can help because it shares the reviews and recommendations of parents of twins - some of whom have made costly errors by choosing the wrong double buggy themselves: who have thankfully shared these views on the website. A poll on Designed For Twins Facebook page identified one follower who had been through seven double buggies before she found the right one!

From all the double buggy reviews received from parents of twins on, the key points below are a summary of the most talked about issues. 

Double Buggy Checklist

1. Is it easy to collapse and put up?

2. Can you lift it into your car boot?

3. Will it fit in your car boot when collapsed?

4. Do the seats recline for 558c6a9b8ed20a5e52c5b5d9d38d22e1.jpgnewborns or can you add carry cots?

5. Will it fit through your front door or back gate?

6. Is it easy to push and steer - can you do it with one hand?

7. Does it have good suspension or air filled tyres for off road walks?

8. Is there enough space in the storage baskets?

9. Will it last until your twins no longer need it around 3 years old?

10. Is it comfortable for your twins?

11. Is the safety harness easy to use?

12. Do the seats allow twins to sit fully upright?

13. Does it have a bumper bar for when twins are sitting upright?

14. Do you want your twins to face you or face forward?

15. Does it have a hood that will protect your twins from sun and rain?

16. Is it within your budget?

Constant online research keeps the website up to date with products that are suitable for twins, and any new products are then shared on Facebook and Twitter allowing parents of twins to submit their reviews. So make sure you follow them to find out more.

Designed For Twins also sends a monthly offers e-newsletter. The offers email lists discount codes from suppliers that are willing to offer discounts to those expecting more than one or have twins already. You can sign up to their e-newsletter or contact them directly by emailing

About the founder of - Frankie Mortimore

Frankie went back to work when her twins were 15 months old but a year later she was made redundant due to government spending cuts. Her twins then started pre-school so Frankie found she had some time on her hands and could develop her website idea for parents of twins. She then started to receive enquiries from her friends and ex-colleagues about setting up websites. With over 15 years marketing experience Frankie decided to set up her own marketing and website business and is now running this business as well as managing

If you have a question about Designed For Twins, email them at or if you would like to get in touch with Frankie regarding help with building a website, email her at

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