Confessions of a busy mummy…

Confessions of a busy mummy…


cfc8242f3443284f6d29c441b5de363d.jpgAs mums, we often find ourselves juggling a million and one things at a time, be it work, cleaning, babysitting, dog-sitting, shopping, cooking, socialising, carrying out the daily school run, the list goes on€¦ Team this with the fact we may not have had much sleep for the last 2 years or more, a precious little one whining in our ear on a daily basis (I mean this in the nicest possible way of course!), and the distinct lack of adult interaction for a big part of the day and it's no wonder we have our little secrets - or €˜releases' as I like to call them€¦

Any other mums guilty of the following - surely it ain't just me?!

  • Spending whole days in my PJ's, be it whilst being mega productive of course. Some days actually taking the time out to wash my face, put on my make-up, control my bed-hair, choose what flattering outfit to wear, dressing little man whilst he attempts to flee, convincing him that washing his face needs to be a daily task, to simply remain in the house and do the dishes is quite frankly too exhausting to even contemplate and often in early parenthood this was the only option!
  • Finishing my little's meals - Sure, as a mummy we don't want to see good food go to waste, especially when we've slaved over a hot stove to prep, cook and then miraculously cool it down in minutes just in time for baby's b7bde252968cfe6c94a8f1dc871efc32.jpgdinner so it's no surprise, after watching my boy push it around the plate, take one mouthful and exclaim €˜yuk!' before attempting to climb out of his high chair, that I may be guilty of, more often than not, finishing his plate for him (after already having scoffed down my own in a matter of seconds!)
  • Falling into bed with a full face of make-up - Yep, I may have spent the full day in my PJ's the day before and not even bothered to brush my teeth until just before climbing into bed but the next day if I want to feel good, I'll be sure to be applying a full face of make up to perk me up! That doesn't mean to say I'll have the energy to take it all off again after the daily challenges of feeding time, changing time and bath time though.
  • Cleaning everything with a wet wipe - Yes, we all do it - mums and dad's alike! Dirty highchair? Wet wipe. Dirty face? Wet wipe. Dirty floor? Wet wipe. Dirty nose? Wet wipe. Make- up remover ran out? Wet wipe! The list goes on€¦
  • Hiding little one's favourite toy! Now this one gets my conscious every time but sometimes it just has to be done! Tired of hearing the same monotonous theme tune over and over? Hide it! I've often found myself darting behind the couch to stuff countless musical toys out of sight whilst little one toddles off to discover new attractions.
  • Taking little one out to €˜messy play' due to the fact I'm scared of getting my own house dirty! Let's be honest, any OCD goes out of the window when a baby comes along anyway but once toddler stage kicks in you spend even more time scrubbing floors, walls, units and sometimes, just sometimes - it's good to have a break!
  • Then there's my ultimate fave - pretending to be asleep for the 4th time through the early hours whilst hubby tends to the boy ;) sometimes that's allowed€¦€‹

With this in mind, cut yourself a little slack from time to time. We're all human at the end of the day and parenthood can take some adjusting to. Learn to laugh at yourself and embrace the small moments of peace you still have whilst the daytime naps exist! 

Sarah Philp

Sarah Philp is a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer as well as Pre & Post-Natal Fitness instructor and proud mummy of one to her son Isaac. After having her first child, Sarah was keen to bounce back to her fitness lifestyle and through discovering barriers to exercise first-hand, decided that she wanted to develop the concept of fitness for new mums, inspiring them with tricks and tips on how to bond with baby whilst regaining that pre-pregnancy body! Launching the new online pre & post-natal blog, housed on the main Xercise4Less website, providing a platform to show new mums you can still be fit, have a career and enjoy baby too, Sarah shows how you can ‘have it all!' 

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