Children In Need 2020- Goodbye Rainclouds

Children In Need 2020- Goodbye Rainclouds

5728169533fc0e15de5e852f9bcb1029.jpgThese are challenging times for charities with many of their usual fund-raising activities severely hampered or impossible due to COVID-19. In this context it’s even more important than usual that they still connect with supporters. Charities need to tell their stories in an engaging and impactful way that commands attention and connects emotionally. And smart charities know that the way to do it is through film. It’s about creating a connection, and the best way to do that is using the power of visual storytelling.

The science and psychology backs this up. One study found that brains can absorb and process information 60,000 times faster by video than text.[i] We retain 80% of what we see, 20% of what we read, and 10% of what we hear.[ii]

Animation is a great way to do this. That’s why Children in Need and BBC Creative have appointed award-winning animation studio, Flow Creative, to make an animated TV commercial for this year’s campaign.

The two-minute film, as well as several cutdowns, will run from Thursday 15th October in readiness for November’s Children in Need fundraising appeal show; in a first-of-its-kind junction takeover.

It visualises what the campaign is about, explains its importance, and crucially tells a story that will have impact and command attention. It’s compelling, resonant, and showcases just what makes the appeal so powerful.

Flow have worked closely with BBC Creative and celebrated children's author and illustrator, Tom Percival, to create the film. Tom, creator of 8400d0864055895f7ce11b6c8571ef68.jpgpopular children's books Ruby’s Worry and Perfectly Norman, has written a new story especially for the film, which Flow have brought to life through animation. They have been working collaboratively with Tom, storyboarding and visualising his story, as well as animating his artwork. And it’s been a success.

Flow’s creative director, Karl Doran, says: “It has been wonderful to work with Tom and the creative team at the BBC on such a lovely project. Children in Need is such an amazing charity and the fundraising partnership with the BBC has helped to raise millions and helped so many kids over the years, we’re really proud to be able to contribute to that effort.”

Karl added: “We know that right now is a tough time for charities, and that’s why they need to embrace storytelling techniques that really excite and engage the viewer. We believe that animation is the perfect way to do this.”

Tim Jones, creative director at BBC Creative said this: “We’re really excited to have Flow on board for this project. Having worked with them before, their playful animation portfolio felt perfect for the narrative, and we’re all delighted to see how they’ve brought Tom’s illustrative style to life.”

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