Celebrity Mum - Sarah Beeny Raring2go! Q & A

Celebrity Mum - Sarah Beeny Raring2go! Q & A


Raring2go! meets Sarah Beeny, who is best known for her hugely successful Channel 4 prime time show, 'Property Ladder'. She lives with her husband Graham and four young sons, Rafferty, Charlie, Billy and Laurie in homes in South London and Yorkshire.

1. What activities do you like doing most with your children?
Dancing, reading books, making things with boxes and cycling.

2. How did you choose your sons' names?
I am not sure really - I think my husband chose them.
They were all about to be called totally different names until they were born and then had no name for a few days each - finally we had to decide because being called 'baby' any longer seemed a bit cruel!

3. How spread out are your sons birthdays? 
I have one in Feb, two in May and one in Oct - the May ones are definitely the best parties, they are fantastic.

4. What did you do for the last birthday party?
We had a magician called Magic Mikie.

5. Which of your jobs is the hardest both physically and mentally?
Definitely being a mother.

6. Has becoming a mum changed your attitude to life? 
Yes in lots of ways - it has made me less sentimental about possessions and it makes me enjoy doing nothing very much.

7. Is there one family favourite movie that you all enjoy and watch together?
Lots but I think James Bond films are probably the favourite.
8. Describe a typical day in your house from waking up to last thing at night.
It rather depends on whether it's a week or weekend but a typical Saturday might involve making marmite sandwiches and eating them in our bed for breakfast - maybe reading the encyclopaedia that my kids are obsessed with or watching telly if we drank too much wine the night before! We'd then get on bikes and cycle to the common where the two oldest boys play football for a couple of hours and I would put the youngest two on the swings nearby and push them for what seems like an eternity! We might follow this with Pizza Express or their cousins who they play football with coming back for lunch - in the afternoon we'd probably hang around the house either doing a bit of gardening or making something then tea, baths and bed (or that's the plan until they come downstairs and end up joining in our supper too) - it's a pretty simple life really.

9. Is there still a favourite family day out with your own young family?
I realise how utterly spoilt my children are because their idea of a day out generally involves Yo Sushi! or Pizza Express. We have a home in Yorkshire and, when we are there, most days are spent in the woods competitive tree house building and we tend to eat raw things that have been held over a fire for a few seconds - so that's quite similar in some ways.

10. Which of your many achievements in business and your personal life are you proudest of?
Obviously my children but after that its www.tepilo.com and www.mysinglefriend.com
because they have both changed peoples lives for the better.

11. Do you enjoy cooking and do you make the birthday cakes at your sons' birthday parties? 
I do enjoy cooking but I need it to be for lots of people to feel like it's worth it. We do always make our sons' cakes - sometimes they are better than others!

12. If you could give one piece of advice to a new parent, what would it be?
Enjoy it - it goes so fast. Don't try and stick to any rules you should follow your


Sarah Beeny

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