Are you a budding rock star?

Are you a budding rock star?

b166adfc9516060e385eb0a6334cc27c.jpgRock painting is a great way to spend time with the kids getting creative and the fun doesn't stop there. The concept is simple€¦you paint (and varnish) a rock, stone or pebble in any way you like and once it is dry take it out and hide it in a public place for someone else to find.

When you are out and about with the kids, challenge them to see if they can find any painted pebbles. It can turn into a treasure hunt - they love it when they find one!
When you find a painted pebble be sure to post it on your local Facebook page and the one that is written on the back. Someone out there will be thrilled to see their rock found and shared.

How to take part

1. Decorate your pebble and when the paint is dry cover with a clear glue or varnish
2. Once fully dry, hide the pebbles in your local park for someone else to find
3. When you find a rock take a picture and post it on a local rocks/pebbles/stones page on Facebook.
4. Re-hide the rock you find for someone else.

There are quite a few local groups you can join on Facebook. The ones we have found so far are...

  • Pebbleart Warrington
  • Warrington Rocks 2018 Group
  • Lymm Rocks
  • Culcheth Rocks
  • Thelwall / Grappenhall Rocks
  • P.R.A (Pebble Rock Art) Longbarn & Padgate
  • Birchwood Rocks
  • Cheshire Rocks
  • Sankey / Chapelford Rocks
  • Pebbleart Newton
  • Pebbleart Runcorn
  • Runcorn b766f9cf82d50fbaf7f0984480e2a5c0.jpgRocks
  • Pebbleart Lowton
  • Leigh Rocks
  • Widnes Rocks

Top Tips!

Wash your stones before painting them

Use paper plates when painting your rocks, then it is easy to move them to a safe place to dry

Acrylic paints and nail varnishes are great to use

Posca pens are awesome when it comes to writing on the back on your pebbles

Paint or spray with a clear varnish before leaving them outside to protect them from the weather

Rock spots!

The best places to go rock hunting (and hiding) in Warrington...

Risley Moss
Woolston Park
Around the duck pond at Birchwood Business Park
Sankey Valley Park
Victoria Park

Steph Hutchinson

Steph Hutchinson

Raring2Go! Warrington Editor

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