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World Maths Day - 1st March 2017


e5d67599bbb698e0cb7ec7a0713419e2(5).jpgFormer teacher and creator of Maths Rockx, Jo Otto, shares her advice on how to get kids to love learning again

It’s World Maths Day (1st March 2017) – a day to celebrate and encourage applying maths in different, fun contexts. Maths is absolutely crucial in the early years. It not only impacts children’s later ability but it shapes how they see and feel about the subject. So how can you help them to love learning again?

There are many ways to help children learn maths. To help engage them, try and bring something they know and love to the table and combine them. The most important ingredient is visual and aural stimulation which children are naturally drawn to. Games and apps have proven very popular as learning methods. These days technology comes so naturally to children who start to engage with it at a very young age. It’s important to deliver these learning techniques through digital platforms that kids are already engaged with.

Jo Otto, former teacher and creator of Times Table app Maths Rockx says, ‘Children learn best through music; rhythm and beat, melody and sound. The music creates memory triggers for the lyrics. When you combine these with the visual cues, recalling challenges such as the Times Tables will become an automatic response. Repetition is key!’

Most of us are familiar with the auto-recall we experience when we hear a song from our past. The words spring to mind instantly, so that we find ourselves 88657803b1e7af787dc8df3c6c034451(5).jpgsinging songs word for word, that we haven't heard for years. Times Table app, Maths Rockx uses this exact principle. They learn vital skills through something they already know, making it easier, more accessible and most of all fun.

Maths Rockx encourages rote learning through singing times tables to the beat of well-known and popular songs from artists such as Pharrell, One Direction and Lady Gaga. Children are able to sing, dance, clap, ‘woo-hoo’ and ‘yeah’, all while learning their Times Tables. Children are now enthusiastic to learn, which is naturally giving them their confidence back. By learning their times tables by rote it keeps the facts in their stored memory and frees up the working memory for all the complex concepts later on. Practise makes perfect. It’s time to get kids up out of their seat, dancing and making some noise!

Available on iPhone and Android devices: £7.99 for 11 songs. If your child  knows the majority of their times tables but is perhaps stuck with one or two,  there is the option to download the non-EDU version of the app for free and choose the times tables songs you need for just £0.79 per songs.

Maths Rockx

Maths Rockx

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