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end_of_era_image3.jpgSchool Advisor Limited is a great resource for parents who need to make a choice about which schools in the area are most suitable for their child. A number of years ago, when we were going through the research process, we found it a daunting and exhausting task deciding which school to send our child to. Although information was available, it was displayed in a complex way and it also meant flipping between Ofsted, and the Department for Education, the school's own website - and if we were lucky - knowing someone who had sent their child to a school in the past.

As a result, School Advisor Limited was developed, and the site is now offered as a free service to all parents. We believe that parents will also find that it is quick and easy to use when they are ready to leave a review for their child's school.

By its very nature, Government statistics available on schools ( although a very useful way of starting any research), may be slightly out of date or may only offer a snapshot view of how Inspectors found the school in question on a particular point in time. We believe that combining Government data, in conjunction with parent reviews left on School Advisor Limited, parents will be much better placed to make an informed decision about how good a school might actually be for their child.

Reviews left for a school are done so anonymously, with only a username (chosen when 11_school_advisor_thumbnail.jpgregistering) displaying. Reviewers can just rate the set criteria by rating a 1 to 5 star allocation, or if they choose to, parents can add additional comments to support their review of a school if they wish. The set criteria that can be rated include Quality of Education, Assessment, Problem Handling and Bullying, Communication, Pastoral Care, Self Esteem and general well-being, School meals, After and Pre-school facilities, Sports and PE, and Arts and Music.

We are hoping that the majority of reviews will be positive ones, but for parents wanting to leave constructive comments about things that they have not been 100 percent happy with, there are tips available under Parents FAQs which advise on the best wording to protect the identity of the reviewer.

From early stage development of School Advisor Limited we strongly believed that we should offer a fair platform for parents to be able to leave constructive comments about a school, but at the same time protect schools and teachers from abuse. We also didn't want to provide an uncomfortable experience for parents reading reviews on school because of bad language content or overly aggressive wording. For this reason, all parent reviews, are therefore moderated, but not changed in any way. Any reviews that do not meet our guidelines are referred back to the reviewer, and the review published once any tweaks to the review have been made.

So, as time passes School Advisor Limited will, we believe, become a resource website of choice, and hopefully as parents feel more and more driven to leave €œreal experience€ reviews anonymously, it will become an invaluable tool for parents researching schools for their children.

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School Advisor

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