How to Help Your Child Remember...Nine Times Table

How to Help Your Child Remember...Nine Times Table


88657803b1e7af787dc8df3c6c034451(7).jpgOne of my Favourite Amazing Properties of Nine

Learning the Times tables can be a very daunting time for parents and children alike. Parents are forever pulling their hair out over all of the hassle and pain that comes with getting their child to know, memorise and understand the multiplication times table. In my experience in education, I have so many of my favourite tricks to help children learn the times table easily. One such one is a special way to look at the 9 Times table, which is such fun when practised with your child.

Take a look at the 9 Timestable when it is written down:

9 * 1 = 9

9 * 2 = 18

Notice that the numbers in the results add up to nine as in:  

9 * 2 = 18 (1+8 =9)

One and eight add up to nine. 9 times two is 18, and the digits in 18 add up to nine.

What about the next one?

9*3 = 27 (2+7 = 9)

Two and seven add up to nine.

9*4 = 36 (3+6 = 9)

Three and six add up to nine.

9*5 = 45 (4+5 = 9)

Four and five add up to nine.

9*6 = 54 (5+4 = 9)

Five and four add up to nine. 9 times six is 54, and the digits add up to nine.

9*7 = 63 (6+3 = 9)

Six and three add up to nine.

9*8 = 72 (7+2 = 9)

Seven e5d67599bbb698e0cb7ec7a0713419e2(7).jpgand two add up to nine.

9*9 = 81 (8+1 = 9)

Eight and one add up to nine.

9*10 = 90 (9+0 = 9)

Nine and zero add up to nine.

9*11 = 99

The only digits that don't add up to 9 are the two digits in 99 as 9 + 9 = 18, but it is easy to remember that 9 * 11 is 99. Double 9.

9*12 = 108

One and zero and eight add up to nine.

Isn't the Nine Times Table amazing?

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Grace Olugbodi

Grace Olugbodi

Grace Olugbodi  is the "Make Maths Fun" Expert, a mum of two and specialises in helping children fall in love with maths, make maths fun, increase confidence, reduce Mathematical Anxiety, increase grades and build more opportunities for a successful future, through her fun, exciting, new board game ( "Race To Infinity" - a BeGenio game) and her unique, easy methodology which she teaches to parents.

She had a 1st Class Honours in her BSc Computing degree, MSc Financial Markets and worked in 5 Investment Banks for 8 years in the City of London as a Software programmer. She has also run a Nutrition for families organisation for 10 years for which she's won many other awards.

She is the Vice Chair of the Board of Governors of a Primary School and the Chair of the Finance Committee. In addition, she sits on the Board a Central London University's SU as Trustee. She is the recipient of two UK Women National Awards.

She is a Speaker for Inspiring the Future, a volunteer role in which she speaks in schools with the aim to help children brighten their horizons and connect their learning to their future. She is also a National Numeracy Champion.

Grace is currently setting up a Numbers Project in the borough of Essex on behalf of the Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership.

The first fun Maths Board Game she created, Race To Infinity is on Amazon and was recently published by the The School Run as one of the best maths board games for children.

Grace has 20 years experience helping parents, children and schools in the Education industry as a volunteer. She first got involved in the maths games arena as a volunteer in 1997 when she was at University and was selected to join with Sir John Cass Foundation and Tower Hamlets Education BP to go into schools and help children struggling with Mathematics build their maths confidence, just through creative ways and through games.

Grace's company creates fun maths board games, runs online courses and live workshops for parents to help their children build more confidence, make maths fun, enjoy maths more, increase grades, raise attainment levels, reduce mathematical anxiety and build more opportunities for a successful future. They also empower, teach and help parents to be able to confidently and effectively support their children with maths.

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