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The Real Reason Kids are Fussy Eaters!


11_healthyfoodthumbnail.jpgEarlier this year, research from PaediaSure Shake revealed that fussy eating habits affect more than eight in ten families across the UK1, and more than one in four parents regularly give up trying to get their kids to eat healthily2.

Many parents feel they have tried every trick in the book to get their little ones to eat the foods they refuse, and are looking for more realistic solutions to help them overcome their child’s fussy phase2.

This first-of-its-kind experiment by global healthcare company Abbott really gets to the heart of children’s attitudes towards food, revealing the real reasons some meals only ever make it as far as the plate.

Captured in a hilariously adorable film hosted by Dr. Ranj Singh, NHS Paediatric Doctor and Broadcaster, eight children from around the UK share their honest opinions on “chicken that’s too chickeny” and Brussels sprouts that have “disgusting vitamins in them” when they gather around the table: 

The experiment was also developed in collaboration with consumer behaviour consultant, Philip Graves, who comments on the results:

“The experiment really brought to light the barriers kids can put up when parents try to give them healthy foods. For example, when Joshua's parents very reasonably tried to convince him of the nutritional benefits of eating vegetables, they inadvertently created an association in his mind that it was the vitamins he didn't like, and Claudia has already learned that "freaking out" is an appropriate reaction if she experiences fussy eating with her own 9a370911843ad5b7de8fd8bdea5e4120.jpgchildren one day in the future (even though it's a response that hasn't worked with her).”

Dr. Ranj Singh adds: “Not only did the experiment prove useful, and at times surprising even to myself, the children didn’t fail to amaze or amuse!  What really came through was that fussy eating isn’t always a ‘textbook’ problem, and the exact behaviour can be unique to each child. That’s why advice to parents not only has to be broadly relevant, but also clear, simple and practical so that they can apply it in their own homes, no matter what the situation.”

General Manager of Abbott’s nutrition business in the UK and Ireland, Gary Hall says: “We launched and  to give parents practical solutions that work in the real world and a community to help them support each other as they work through this tricky phase.”


Data on file. Abbott Laboratories Ltd., 2013 (Parent survey: fussy eaters).

Data on file. Abbott Laboratories Ltd., 2015 (Parent survey: fussy eaters).

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