Get your little one interested in the kitchen

Get your little one interested in the kitchen

We all know that getting kids involved in cooking - or even worse, washing the dishes - can be a bit of a nightmare. To get them interested it’s worth starting with something you know they’ll enjoy like chocolate cake or biscuits. Don’t worry about making a mess – it’s all part of the process, and it gives you the opportunity to teach them about clearing up too! Here you find three creative and fun ideas to get your little one interested in the kitchen.

1. Something simple: A honey crackles recipe they can do themselves 

When it comes to getting kids interested in something new, giving them as much autonomy and choice is a great first step. Most little ones don’t want to do something that they’re forced into, they like exploring the world for themselves, seeing what they can do and stretching their own abilities.

So if you want to encourage confidence in the kitchen why not start with something simple enough that kids can do most of it themselves? Honey crackle cakes are a great example. They are really quick and easy while also producing a tasty end result. Simply mix together half 150g melted butter with three tablespoons of honey and 600g of corn flakes. Spoon the mixture out into cake cases and leave to set in the fridge. No cooking required! Kids will need supervision for the measuring and melting, but most of the time you’ll be able to sit back and simply enjoy d465cbd6aaed8f728d01b1828761f21c.jpgthe results.

2. Something unexpected: A vegan chocolate cake

Nothing grabs a child’s interest more quickly than a surprise and what’s more surprising that a vegan chocolate cake? It’s easy for kids who have baked a couple of times to feel like they know it all. Keep them on their toes by introducing new, interesting ingredients. This vegan chocolate cake recipe is a great example. It uses things like soya milk and lemon juice rather than eggs and butter. Children will enjoy making something different as well as the delicious result!

3. Something creative: A fun, arty decorating project

Our final tip for getting little ones interested in cooking is to show them its creative side. If children think making meals or baking is simply about following a recipe they could lose interest. It sounds too much like homework. Why not introduce some more creative and artistic forms of cooking? There are loads of different ways you can do this. The simplest is to get a pack of plain biscuits, some icing and a variety of food colouring and other decorations. Set a theme or let their imagination go wild. If you want something more nutritious buy lots of fresh veg and challenge your little ones to invent a new salad.

Those are our top tips when it comes to getting your family enthused about meal prep and home cooking, it can be as simple as a salad or a more advanced vegan chocolate cake. Any 5752a4808d72e2b1ae438f0a580ab2cd.jpgproject that gets them in the kitchen, using utensils, learning new techniques will stand them in good stead for the future and more importantly it’ll be a lot of fun.

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