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Fresh, homemade food for the kids, made easy!


Fill, Squeeze, Go!

Fresh, homemade food for the kids, made easy!

Introducing a product that is set to change the way parents prepare meals and snacks. The all new Fill n Squeeze food preparation system, which officially launches this week will not only hit the shelves in JoJo Maman Bebe today, it will be on display at the Baby show this weekend. This unbelievably simple innovation will offer parents the ultimate solution to provide their little ones with fresh and healthy food at home, or on the go.

The concept of the Fill n Squeeze system is fantastically simple, allowing parents to prepare personalised meals in an instant. The complete system, which is 100% BPA free, is ideal for parents who want to prepare homemade, healthy food but without too much complication.

Parents using Fill n squeeze won't need to worry about the extra cooking and will be able to incorporate preparation in two simple steps. Having prepared the family meal, pop it in the Fill n Squeeze jug, prepare it using the masher provided or a hand blender, fill the pouch, and then squeeze when the time is right! The same process can be taken to prepare fruit or vegetable purees, fruit smoothies and much more!  As well as the ease of preparing delicious homemade baby food the clear benefit of parental control will be important for many families. Not only will parents know exactly what their child is eating, but to be able to tailor the meals 1118_image3.jpgfor little ones need and allergies is a great help.

The Fill n Squeeze system has been cleverly developed to support family from weaning + (and even for adults!) and thanks to its 3 key stages the kit will last for years. Stage one is ideal as parents start weaning their baby, they can prepare fruit or vegetable purees with baby rice and feed direct from the pouch or squeeze onto a spoon.  At stage two, as they want to introduce textures and flavours, the family meal, fish fingers, risotto and more can be blended for the pouches, and at stage three mums can fill with fruits & yoghurts or smoothies for all ages!

The brands re-sealable pouches are an extremely convenient solution to store, freeze and warm food. They have been designed with an easy to hold curved design for baby to pick and are an ideal way to serve homemade baby food either direct from the pouch or onto a spoon. The cute pouches certainly create less mess than the conventional bowl, but the best is they can quite literally be used anywhere and at any time, either as a meal or a snack for toddlers!   A pouch is ideal at mealtimes at home, kept in the freezer at grannies house for unexpected visits, on a picnic, travelling in the car, train or plane, perfect for a  packed lunched (for the older kids) and a great way to ensure the little one gets his favourite food at the child minder or with the nanny.

The pouches, which are estimated to save parent's up to £20 a month compared to shop bought alternatives, are not only convenient for parents but kids love them! They tend to suck every last bit out so mum knows they are getting the necessary nutrients and it gives them a feeling of independence! Pouches are also extremely handy for the fussy eaters who struggle with finger food and feeding with a spoon.

Commenting on the product launch, Rifat Jan, creator of Fill n Squeeze said: 'When I first came up with the idea I felt convinced something like this must exist, it just seemed like the most practical product and one that I certainly needed. When I realised there was nothing like it on the market I felt compelled to develop a system to help parents to prepare, store and feed fresh homemade food.

She continued: I am so excited about the launch today.  The growth of the baby food market, and specifically pouch sales is overwhelming and I believe parents do need a simple alternative to prepare the food they want themselves with an easy to use storage system. I do hope parents find Fill n Squeeze as helpful as I have and I hope families will be filling and squeezing for breakfast, lunch and dinner!Â

Fill n Squeeze RRP is £19.99 and it will be available as of 20.02.2013 from Jojo Maman and It will 1118_image2.gifalso be on sale at the Excel baby show at stand C22. 

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