Cooking Range from Piccolo

 Cooking Range from Piccolo

b1bbd9f08fd3b2603fd5d44be881453f.jpgTantalise your Toddlers Taste buds with new Cooking range from Piccolo

  • Piccolo, the UK's biggest premium baby and toddler food is launching new products to its popular cooking range. 
  • Following a recent survey run by Piccolo, parents are cooking at home now more than ever with 56% of parents making more effort to create home cooked meals for their babies. 
  • Piccolo has launched new products including two easy to prepare risottos and new editions to its collection of stir-in nutritious and delicious sauces. 

Having developed the first ever scratch-cooking range designed specifically for babies and toddlers, Piccolo are expanding their offering following popular demand and introducing seven new family favourites to their collection. 

What are the products? 

The new products include two flavoured and easy to prepare risottos, and brand new stir-in sauce flavours and sizes to cater for different cooking occasions.  

As with all Piccolo products, these new SKUs are made using 100% organic produce, balanced ingredients and are low in salt and sugar.   

Piccolo continues their mission to make nutritious food accessible for families everywhere, with the RRP of £1.50 for single serve cooking sauces to £2.75 for easy to prepare risotto meals. These new products will be available in major retailers including Sainsburys, Coop & Ocado this month. 


According to a recent survey run by Piccolo, parents are cooking at home now more than ever with 56% of parents confirmed they cooked from scratch more frequently since the pandemic began, with 78% hoping a25596e0c195529acb9c82b2dba3d8a8.jpgthey will continue to do so. 

The Piccolo Cooking range offers an easy solution for parents who want to provide healthy and tasty meals for their babies. All cooking products are organic and low in salt and sugar.

Piccolo Cooking ingredients have helped parents make 5 million home cooked meals since it launched July 2019, 4 million of which were served since the pandemic first hit the UK in March 2020: 4 times the previous year.  

Cat Gazzoli Founder of Piccolo comments ‘As life starts to get busy again, we want to encourage parents to keep cooking by providing easy to use healthy ingredients.   Following a successful year in 2020 for our cooking range, we saw this ‘Home Cooking’ trend as an opportunity to increase our offering, as the need for products which support parents’ cooking heightened.’ 

Full product list:-

  • RRP:£2.75 Piccolo Organic Pea & Courgette Risotto 150g                             
  • RRP:£2.75  Piccolo Organic Tomato & Basil Risotto 150g                                   
  • RRP:£1.50   Piccolo Organic Tomato Mascarpone Stir-in Sauce 120g                   
  • RRP:£3.00 Piccolo Organic Tomato Batch Cooking 350g                                 
  • RRP:£1.50 Piccolo Organic Stir-In Sauces 120g                                                   
  • Classic Tomato 
  • Pumpkin & Cheese 
  • Beef Bolognese (previously 80g)

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