Learn to Swim – A skill for Life

Learn to Swim – A skill for Life

Drowning is the 3rd highest cause of unintentional death in the world and in the UK alone, a 1/3rd of children leave primary school unable to Swim 25m.

Learning to swim is an essential life skill that not only helps keep children fit and healthy, but crucially ensures they can save their own lives in the unlikely event they find themselves in difficulty around the water.

Children’s swimming lessons are sadly still not taught as extensively as they should be in many schools. Lessons are infrequent and classes tend to have a high teacher to student to ratio.

Private swimming lessons are an alternative that children can enjoy outside of school, helping them develop this essential skill whilst being healthy and active.

Swimtime founded in 1998 and teaching over 20,000 children every week, offers group and private swimming lessons for children right across the UK.

Known for small groups and high-quality venues, Swimtime lessons are a fun and exciting way for children to learn the vital life skill that is the ability to swim.

Swimtime is renowed for using cutting edge technology that enables you to book lessons in minutes online using your smart phone. All you need to do is sit back, wait for your Welcome Pack to arrive in the post (for monthly plan customers) and confirmation email, then simply arrive at your venue to start your swimming.

The swimming pools Swimtime use can vary, but typically venues have a wide range of facilities to keep parents 0d53b3cf4202ea044abe422afee1aeac.jpgoccupied including gyms, coffee shops or viewing areas for the lessons.

Our teachers are handpicked and trained to the highest international standards and we love receiving great feedback on our teaching standards:

“The venues and instructors are amazing” – Victoria, Manchester

“Small groups, lovely instructors, patient teaching” Emma - Blackpool

Here are things you should consider when choosing a swim school:

Class Sizes

These vary from one swim school to another. In general terms the smaller the class size, the more expensive the lesson will be, with a greater proportion of time spent swimming. Most schools operate in two categories, Groups and Private lessons which can be up to 3 students to 1 teacher, often ideal for families. The right choice for you all comes down to budget and your personal circumstances, some children respond better in groups, others in a more focused environment.

Qualifications of Teachers

In the UK, Swimming teachers have to be qualified to a Level 2 if they are to teach unsupervised. There are two recognised qualifying bodies in the UK, Swim England and the Swimming Teachers Association. Both qualifications are basically the same. Aside from this, teachers should hold a Safeguarding qualification and a DBS Check – both of which ensures the safest environment for children. Don’t be afraid to ask about this, any professional swim school should have no issue confirming this to you.


Both the Swim School and the Swimming teacher should hold insurance in the unlikely event of any 53d0efb8d467d5c99c172583988a7b97.jpgissue. A Swim School should be able to evidence this when asked.


Swim schools operate from a wide range of locations. The more professional schools will operate out of commercial venues, for example at hotels or gyms, with all the wide range of commercial safety equipment that you would expect. These premium venues often have cafes or other relaxing areas where parents can relax whilst the lesson is taking place.


A well-established school with lots of experience, or one connected to a larger brand, will give you added confidence. These school are much more likely to have the resources, expertise and experience to deal with unexpected situations which naturally occur from time to time. They often have more sophisticated back office systems and will be working at a higher industry level contributing to the overall development of the sector.

As an example, Swimtime sits on the board of the International Swim Schools Association helping to shape the global effort to combat drowning as well as helping to raise standards of swim schools around the world.

Swimtime offers a variety of lessons:

  • Small Groups
  • Private lessons – 1:1 up to 3:1
  • Baby and Pre School
  • Special Needs
  • Adults



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