Tummy time during UK lockdown - Water Babies

Tummy time during UK lockdown - Water Babies

Tummy time during UK lockdown

Did you know that intensive tummy time is a massive developmental benefit of swimming with Water Babies for very little ones?

Swimming is about your core strength, and being in the pool offers babies and toddlers one of the best opportunities to develop this. But don’t worry if coronavirus is stopping you getting to swimming lessons or for a dip in the pool with your little ones. We have lots of tips to help continue this development at home!

Why not try some of these tummy time tips with your baby?

Set up – set up your area on the floor with your baby’s towel/blanket. You can use a rolled-up towel or your forearm for support under a baby’s arms. For really little ones use your chest.

Their pace – tummy time can be physically demanding so starting small and building up is crucial. Neck strength will develop with age, in time they will begin to hold their head up themselves. Also, some babies can have digestive issues so make sure they’ve digested their food. If they have reflux, being flat on their tummy can be uncomfortable so an angled position is better (head higher).

Entertainment – you are their world as they are yours. You are the most exciting thing they will ever see, so lie next to them, use a mirror, share a book or a song in this precious bonding time.

Timing - punctuate the day with a bit of tummy time. You may start to find there is a time that works better than others. Take photos and videos to see their development. Maybe show them when they are bigger and even recreate the poses and expressions in the future!

For more tips on getting started swimming at home visit the Water Babies website https://www.waterbabies.co.uk/lessons/learn.


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