Roving reporter - Code to Exit Escape Rooms

Roving reporter - Code to Exit Escape Rooms

d0f5d87e093249676e538b54fe0a36ea.jpgCode to Exit review

Earlier this week my friend and our 2 daughters (aged 9 and 10) took on the escape room challenge at Code to Exit. Chances are you've driven past the orange fronted venue on the A56 (just near Broadheath Retail Park) many times, if you've ever wondered what's inside then read on€¦

I wasn't sure what the kids would make of an escape room, so when I suggested we give it a try I was met with much excitement and enthusiasm. None of us had any idea of what to expect, whether it would be too difficult for the kids and if we'd just end up crying/ shouting.

To give you some background, Code to Exit has three escape rooms, each with its own theme and difficulty rating. Following a short briefing on your mission, players are locked in a themed room and have 60 minutes to work together crack the code and escape using just the items in the room, a series of cryptic clues and your brain.

In terms of the actual activities I'm not going to give away any secrets or spoil the fun but I will tell you that we all LOVED it! It took me back to the days of reading mystery books, watching Richard O'Brien in the crystal maze and playing detectives with my friends. There are no specialist skills or physical requirements needed, just the ability to think, a lot!

As we arrived, Andy, one of 1ea19ab1d1c1f85059807795792184c2.jpgthe owners at Code to Exit, explained our mission to us and outlined a few safety tips.

Once the door was locked we all set about searching for clues, prodding furniture and suspiciously eyeing up everything in sight. One key to success is definitely good communication, all four of us worked well together trying different ideas and giving new suggestions. The kids definitely impressed me with their sleuthing skills and I realised it is a perfect activity for children as it involves being imaginative and thinking outside the box. The clues were difficult enough to hold our interest and feel as if our brains had been properly challenged. Now and then, Andy provided hints via a small screen in the room to help us along the way (perhaps he felt sorry for us?!)

I'm extremely relieved to reveal that we did manage to escape (in a not too shoddy 50 minutes and 51 seconds!) and more importantly got to have our photograph taken with the €œI escaped€ board. Quite a few high fives and whoops were shared and to be honest, we felt pretty smug! In the car home we were all on a high - my daughter asked if we could go again next week and we all spent a while dissecting the experience and remembering all the things we'd done.

It's obvious to say, but what I enjoyed most about the experience was spending time with my daughter doing something completely different. It's old fashioned fun 455b9bbe5b88edf767f63bb59b4ee535.jpgwith no screens and no sugar involved and we'll definitely be back for another visit! It makes for a great family activity or team building event and would also work well for a party.

Code to Exit is located at 143 Manchester Road, Altrincham, WA14 5NS. You can find out more and book online at

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