Fitness Watch Review

Fitness Watch Review

6d4db3a3b454b177f0831c4c63f67639.jpgFitness Watch Review!

Why buy a fitness watch? We all know whether we’ve done some exercise today or drunk water but with many distractions in our daily lives it can be easy to let things slip and our good intentions don’t really go anywhere.  I wasn’t sure if I really needed one but was genuinely surprised how helpful they are when it comes to creating good habits, keeping me on track and motivated.

The Raring2go editors have been comparing notes so we can share with you what we love about our watches!

Chelle's Fitibt Inspire (around £79.99)

This is my watch and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to master the core elements of fitness.  I’m not training for a triathlon but I am prone to sitting at my desk for far too long and forgetting to drink enough water.  It connects easily to the Fitbit app on my phone where I can log how much water I’ve drunk, track sleep and set other goals like weight loss or taking time for mindfulness. On the phone itself you have features lake a stop watch, step counter and calories burnt counter.   Any hour that I haven’t moved at least 250 steps it reminds me with a buzz (not an electric shock!) to remind me to move.  There’s lots of talk about children spending too much time on devices but sometimes the grown ups need a reminder to step away from the laptop too!  Battery life is quoted as e1244d9fb9e05fc2d2bfb379a6427c9c.jpgup to 10 days, I find it lasts around a week but doesn’t take long to charge.

Mike’s Garmin Forerunner 45 (around £129.99)

This is a great Garmin and can measure running, walking and cycling. It also has GPS and a heart rate monitor too.  Just beware that the GPS can take a while to find a signal and the GPS/heart rate monitor can eat up your battery.

The Garmin Connect App is good and easy to use, it also links to Zwift, Strava and My Fitness Pal.  In addition, it can also sync to your mobile phone to receive messages (text, whatsapp)

The design is nice with proper buttons to press.

The Forerunner doesn't measure swimming which is a disadvantage if you are training for a triathlon.

Ruby’s Garmin Vivofit Jr (around £79.99)

6 year old Ruby has been trying out the Vivofit Jr for us which is suitable for children aged 4-6. It comes in a range of designs for kids and is so comfortable she wears it 24 hours a day (it’s bath and swim proof) which means she’s much less likely to lose it!

The Vivofit Jnr doesn’t have a rechargeable battery,  there’s no need to charge it every few days, you’ll just need to replace the battery around every 12 months.  It keeps track of her steps, sleep patterns and a summary of if she has hit her 60 minute daily active goal.  The watch connects to an app on her mum’s phone where she can set games and challenges to keep Ruby active and fit!

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