The Great North West Days Out Quiz

The Great North West Days Out Quiz

ef41f9972905e3f4de60cc4cad1b2a37.jpgWe're all missing our favourite attractions. To help us remember the good times, and catch a glimpse into what we can look forward to, we proudly bring you…

The Great North West Days Out Quiz

So grab the family, and test how well you know your local area!

1. Dino Falls - How many Jurassic-themed holes are there can you play at Dino Falls Adventure Golf? (Clue: you might be able to find out on their website:

Multiple Choice:
A - 9
B - 12
C - 36

2. Chester Zoo - Chester Zoo is home to how many animals?

Multiple Choice:
A - 1,000
B - 15,000
C - more than 35,000

3. National Football Museum - Which football club’s players donated items to the National Football Museum for International Women’s Day? (Clue: Go to and search around)

4. Stockport Plaza - The Stockport Plaza has a big birthday coming up in the next couple of years…..will she be

A - 50 Years Old?
B - 90 Years Old?
C - 150 Years Old?

5. Cockfields Farm ParkWhat is the length of Pregnancy for a Pig? 

6. British Commercial Vehicle Museum - How old is the Museum this year (2020)?

A - 37 years
B - 47 years
C - 57 years

7. Martin Mere Wildlife – Do you know what a baby goose is called?

A - Duckling
B - Gosling
5432086b1d0d34c72048a95eaacbbe48.jpgC - Chick

8. Dunham Massey National Trust - What much loved animals will you see roaming the parkland at Dunham Massey National Trust?

9. Blackpool Tower - True or False. The Blackpool Tower was modelled after the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris?

10. Lancashire Wildlife Trust – How many bat species can be found in Britain?


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