Quiz Answers

Quiz Answers

5432086b1d0d34c72048a95eaacbbe48.jpgThe Great North West Days Out Quiz - THE ANSWERS

1. Dino Falls - How many Jurassic-themed holes are there can you play at Dino Falls Adventure Golf? (Clue: you might be able to find out on their website: www.dinofalls.co.uk)

ANSWER: C - 36

2. Chester Zoo - Chester Zoo is home to how many animals?

ANSWER: C - more than 35,000

3. National Football Museum - Which football club’s players donated items to the National Football Museum for International Women’s Day? (Clue: Go to www.nationalfootballmuseum.com and search around)

ANSWER: Man City Women

4. Stockport Plaza - The Stockport Plaza has a big birthday coming up in the next couple of years…..will she be

ANSWER: B - 90 Years Old? (we built in 1932 so in 2022 we shall be celebrating our 90th Birthday)

5. Cockfields Farm ParkWhat is the length of Pregnancy for a Pig? 

ANSWER: 3 Months 3 weeks and 3 Days exactly

6. British Commercial Vehicle Museum - How old is the Museum this year (2020)?

ANSWER: A - 37 years

7. Martin Mere Wildlife – Do you know what a baby goose is called?

ANSWER: B – Gosling

8. Dunham Massey National Trust – Which much loved animals will you see roaming the parkland at Dunham Massey National Trust?


9. Blackpool Tower - True or False. The Blackpool Tower was modelled after the famous Eiffel Tower 5432086b1d0d34c72048a95eaacbbe48.jpgin Paris?


10. Lancashire Wildlife Trust – How many bat species can be found in Britain?

ANSWER: Britain is home to 18 species of bat

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