A new play experience is coming to Sale

A new play experience is coming to Sale

948b9411a18f6d1b442ab478abe882e1.jpgA new and exciting children’s play experience is due to open in Stanley Square in summer 2021. Explore and Play Centre is not like traditional soft play for kids. Instead of ball-pools and slides, children can engage with a range of play environments, take part in group games and activities, learning and developing along the way.

You can expect to see toddler soft play, a construction zone, a mini village, animal habitat area, transport zone, reading nook and multi sports area. In the centre of the space will be an adventure forest, aiming to bring the fun of the outdoors in. Children will be able to balance on logs, climb through tree trunks and hide in dens.

One of the key features of the centre will be the Explore Zone where children can take part in a wide variety of adult-led sessions to learn about themselves and the world around them. Group sessions will run daily, with phonics, fine motor skills, sensory play, number skills, crafts and music just some of the topics offered.

The centre will provide activities and support for families from pre-birth through to primary age. With workshops for parents to support and educate in useful topics. Education Director, Jay Cahill was previously a teacher for 15 years and says, “Parenting is the hardest job you can do and nobody has training for it before they have children; we’re just expected to know what is best for them instinctively. Child development is complex and we 948b9411a18f6d1b442ab478abe882e1.jpgwant to help parents feel more confident when dealing with the plethora of challenges that they face on a day to day basis.”

Some of the sessions that families will be able to take part in are: social groups, baby First Aid, breastfeeding, weaning, attachment and touch, understanding play behaviours, language

development and many more. There will also be fitness, martial arts and activity classes for children and adults that will run the evenings and weekends.

Although the centre is mainly aimed at pre-school children, after school and holiday clubs will cater for older siblings.

On top of all this, there will be a cafe serving tasty and well-balanced refreshments and a party room that will be bookable for birthdays and other events.

Financial Director and local entrepreneur, Jo Sharpe, has brought up her young family in Sale and says, “We wanted to provide an experience for families that was fun, engaging and supportive. We know from having our own children that it can be exhausting trying to provide the best learning and play opportunities for them on a daily basis whilst managing the rest of your lives. Pulling everything together in one place means that there’s less travel, less organisation and children will be more comfortable and ready to engage in a familiar environment.”

Explore and Play will open in summer and a programme of courses will be launching ready to book very soon. Make sure you follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more information.

Contact details:

Email: hello@exploreandplay.co.uk

Web: exploreandplay.co.uk

Instagram: @exploreandplaycentre

Facebook: @ExplorePlayMCR

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