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6 Tips for Helping Your Child Manage Stress & Anxiety


6b9eb8cdad55456232ceca8998e3b1f1.jpg6 Tips for Helping Your Child Manage Stress & Anxiety  
Life is increasingly hectic and stressful - especially as a parent - and levels of stress and 
anxiety in children have never been higher. 

I'm not a child psychologist, but I do have two young kids, and in my eternal quest to navigate a calm passage through the choppy waters of life and parenthood, I have found several strategies which work for us. I'd like to share some of these in the hope that they might help you on your journey.

1. Model behaviours: it all begins with you. Stress is contagious - but so is calmness, 
positivity and problem solving.

2. Breathe: get your child out of their head and into their body. Try these:

• The 3 breath hug: literally hug your child and take 3 deep breaths together. • Blow out the candle: you can do this with a real candle if you have one to hand, or just pretend to blow out the candles on a birthday cake, but each time, hold them a little further 

• Finger breathing: place your right index finger at the base of your left thumb, whilst taking 
an in breath, trace your finger up to the tip of your thumb, then as you slowly breathe out trace 
your finger back down your thumb to the space between left thumb and index finger, then 
repeat with each finger of your left hand in turn until you have traced the whole c69d8e41f5dbe4dcd4683cabc478f37b.jpgleft hand and 
taken 5 slow breaths. Then repeat with the opposite hand.

3. Play catch: use whatever you can lay your hands on - a balled up pair of socks works 
perfectly! Count your catches out loud up to 20. Try counting in 2's, 4's, 10's...the 
concentration required is a great stress diffuser.

4. Push against a wall: that's it - go ahead and try and push the wall over with your hands 
for 10 seconds, then rest and breathe for 10 and then go again. 

5. Pay full attention: can you actually feel your nose? Your toes? Your fingertips? How 
do they feel? Warm, cold, tingly...describe it?

6. Sing and dance: a loud blast on a mobile phone of "Hakuna Matata" usually works for us; but pre-prepare your own 'emergency playlist'. 
And when you are feeling anxious, and the small people in your lives are not nearby, try doing some of these things for yourself! 

Kindly written by Sharon Kamil, a mum of two from Sale.

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