SGS community raise amazing amount for TheChristie

SGS community raise amazing amount for TheChristie

30ff874e6a37eb11acadfafac7747ad2.jpgSGS community raise amazing amount for The Christie

A ‘Dress Down’ Day held by Stockport Grammar Junior School to support the great work of The Christie raised a wonderful £1,891.

Year Six pupils Neave S, Anna B, Sophia St C and Priya M wanted to raise awareness and funds for The Christie after discussions about charities and the work they do in an earlier lesson and were delighted with the total raised.

A range of activities were held across the Junior School, from Year Two pupils learning about the brain and the benefits of brain training to Year Six pupils who carried out detailed experiments to find out how much hidden sugar is in our food.

The girls said: “As the organising group, we are delighted to discover that we have raised £1,891 for The Christie – a hospital dedicated to treating cancer and for researching it. The day was all about physical and mental health, and also learning more about healthy eating.

“We are really thankful for all the donations that have been made – the money will make a big difference to people’s lives.”

SGS children have an impressive enthusiasm for charity events with the right attitude, motivation to learn and the desire to support other people in the community.

Stockport Grammar School is a leading independent co-educational school for children from 3-18 years. Find out more at or 0161 456 9000,

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