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Packed lunches can be healthy and fun


dcf34aef9ac621def82501362601b3f6.jpgPacked lunches can be healthy and fun

Finding inspiration to make interesting and healthy packed lunches every day can seem like hard work sometimes! As tempting as it may feel to include prepacked, processed junk food, this means your children will not get enough vital vitamins and minerals. Packed lunches can be healthy and fun at the same time without meaning crisps and chocolate every day. So, here are a few ideas to make packed lunches (and picnics) a more enjoyable experience for you and your children.

Try to include carbohydrates, protein, dairy, vegetables and fruit in your child’s lunch everyday

· Make sandwiches fun by cutting them into shapes

· Draw silly faces on apples, pears or satsumas with edible ink pens.

· At weekends get your children to help you cook things to put in their lunches. Not only is this fun and allows children to be creative it also teaches them where food comes from.  Visit for inspiration

· Let your children help you pack their lunches the night before. Helping you to not have to panic in the morning and giving your children (limited!) choices will help everyone!

· Presenting food nicely encourages children to try it. Put food in separate containers or bags sealed with stickers of their favourite characters.

· Small portions of a variety of food seem to make meal times more palatable for children.

· Use leftovers for filling sandwiches, pasties, bagels or pitas. That left over chicken and stuffing from your Sunday dinner makes b4972e7f44b84945fbc2a63c04c943bf.jpga great filling.

· Small portions of rice, couscous or pasta dishes are a nice change from sandwiches every day.

Other ideas for lunch fillers are:

· Fruit jelly made with real pieces of fruit (avoid acidic fruit such as pineapple because the jelly won’t set.)

· Plain/Greek yoghurt (try adding fruit or fruit puree), rice pudding or custard, rice cakes, popcorn

· Hardboiled egg, mini sausages, scotch egg, sausage roll, falafel, savoury flapjack, slices of Spanish omelette

· Salad bites, breadsticks and dips such as hummus.

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