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We’ve been really pleased to see the success of new local charity AberNecessitites since it launched in March this year. 

We caught up with founders Michelle Herd and Danielle Flecher-Horn, to hear about their first six months and their plans for the next. 

The charity is based on the belief that every child deserves the best start possible and the pair are dedicated to making sure every child has the essentials.Michelle explained that their aim is to help relieve poverty and the stress experienced by local families who are struggling to provide the very basic needs of their babies and young children. She said, “Unfortunately, in our city we have hundreds of families who are in desperate need of some extra help and care to make life just a little easier.” 

She added,” Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire have huge areas of deprivation and although many people see it as an affluent region, in Aberdeen city there is an estimated 18% of children living in poverty. On the flip side, we also have a huge number of local people who wish to pass on their good quality pre-loved items directly to families less fortunate.”

Currently completely volunteer led, the pair have recently secured funding to enable them to employ two members of staff. They work in partnership with third sector organisations and childcare professionals who identify the families most in need of help and provide them with a verified application requesting clothes, nappies, baby formula and specific items of baby equipment, new Mum packs etc. The applications are processed on a monthly basis apart from urgent requests which are dealt with immediately). Michelle explained, “We respond as quickly as is practical to provide the items and either deliver them to the organisations or arrange for these to be collected for distribution to the family.”

You can support by:

  • volunteering your time
  • volunteering to wash clothes
  • donating pre-loved and good condition clothes and equipment
  • fundraising
  • join their knitting group
  • recommend AberNecessities to their employer for ‘charity of the year’ or other support
  • attend our fundraising events
  • donate cash through their Just Giving page
  • donate the items that they have on our ‘wish lists’ (this can range from new socks and pants to single beds for older children)

For more information contact 

Michelle ( or Miriam (Volunteer Coordinator) at 
or check out FB: AberNecessitites.


, AB11 5BJ

18.23 miles  
  07718 224046    


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