Raring2go! - reaching families in a new way!

Raring2go! - reaching families in a new way!

We are all in the midst of a very odd time and the days go by and summer approaches, I am sure that you are looking ahead at what the new ‘normal’ may look like and adapting your business to this.

Like most other businesses, we've had to adapt to the current circumstances and offer something a bit different. We’ve come up with a new way of reaching families over the summer – and I hope that this may be of interest to you for updating them about your business and how you are operating over the next few months.

Instead of our usual printed summer edition, we decided to produce two eight-week, fully digital, interactive issues instead. The first edition is out now (released 18th May) and covered what to do when you can't go anywhere. Our second issue is being develop now and will be issued W/c 20th July (to cover until the end of August/early September) and will focus on businesses as they re-open their doors fully or with an adapted offering continuing.

Our main aim with these issues is to ensure that our customers and advertisers are able to spread the word about what they're offering during lockdown, or what they're planning for when lockdown is lifted. We know that lots of our members and readers are excitedly planning what they'll do when they're able to get out and about again safely. It’s wonderful to see so many dd824c53fcdfa22180d3e511e362dcf3.jpgbusinesses like yourself adapting and continuing to offer amazing services to your customers.

With that in mind, here is our Summer eZine media pack  - we have three options available and all of the details are in the pack. A half page is only £99 (no VAT), full page £149 and double page £199 – so from only £16.50 a week!

As the next issue is also a fully digital one, you can include video clips (including from your YouTube or Facebook lives), direct links to your website and social media pages – the more creative the better!

Here’s also a wee video explaining what we’re doing and why: Victoria talks R2go! eZine!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards


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