Do your kids think fish have fingers?

Do your kids think fish have fingers?


4fb5cbedbd251939a83a39ba7bed163e.jpgDo your kids think fish have fingers? they think spaghetti grows on trees and that anchovies are vegetables?

"don't be silly" cry..."my kids don't think that!!!!"

Perhaps not... but lots of kids have no idea what they are eating and where it comes from and take food advertising at face value...#pizza&chips

But we can help ...FOOD FOR THOUGHT is a fantastic initiative which connects schools with businesses and helps children learn all about the science of food, the marketing of food, the business of food ...pretty much anything you can associate with food.

So schools, nurseries youth groups etc can apply this year for a grant of up to £3000 to help with their project. its great for business that want to give back to the local community, it's great for the schools as they get access to your skills and business knowledge and most importantly it amazing for the children to get a real understanding about the food they eat and why they eat it.

So if you are a mum or dad you can tell your school about this programme, if you are in business you can approach a school and ask if they want to partner up on it or we can match the schools and businesses if you prefer??!  

So this is the link for  FOOD FOR THOUGHT (Limited availability so please apply quickly) 


More info 

8 Key areas we must support schools on are:

Food and 1) Developing Young Workforce, 58d1afa8e4ce0b3caaeeec6865456e57.jpg2) STEM, 3) Inequity - attainment gap, 4) Digital learning, 5) Interdisciplinary Learning, 6) Sustainability 7) Outdoor Learning and 8) Parent engagement

Essential for applicants to make links with:

Becoming a Good food nation

Better eating better learning

Beyond the school gate

Setting the table

Year of innovation architecture and design

Olympic games (brazil)

Centenary (WWI) 

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